Monthly Archive: March 2014

Mar 31

Automotive Marketing: 3 Tips For Utilizing Video In Your Marketing Plan


When it comes to automotive marketing, content is king – there’s no debating it. However, it seems that video is overlooked by most companies. The reasons vary from cost of production to lack of experience with video. Fear not, because Bluebird Auto Rental Systems is here to help you effectively add video to your automotive …

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Mar 22

Which of Bluebird’s Car Rental Programs Works Best for You?

Bluebird Auto Rental Systems is the only major software vendor that offers two car rental program choices – an on premises solution or a hosted solution – because our software is PA-DSS certified. We recognize that one size does not fit all and that our customers have differing needs and considerations to take into account. Regardless …

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Mar 13

Auto Internet Marketing: Adding WordPress to Your Marketing Plan


When developing your auto internet marketing plan you can’t overlook blogging – but where do you start? With so many blogging services to choose from, it’s hard to separate the signal from the noise. Bluebird Auto Rental Systems is here to explain why when searching for a blogging system to use – WordPress is the …

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Mar 10

Erez: Online Car Rental Reservation Software


Car Rental Reservation Software has never been more convenient thanks to Bluebird Auto Rental Systems’ Erez and ErezMobile. Both Erez and ErezMobile are car rental reservation software services that are written in WebSpeed, a Progress development language used for web-based transaction systems. The car rental reservation software allows internet users to check rental car rates and availability for …

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Mar 04

3 Great Automotive Dealer Marketing Sites


As a car dealer, it is of high importance to stay ahead of your competition. Thankfully, staying up-to-date with industry trends, news, and marketing innovations has become easier than ever. Here are 5 great automotive dealer marketing websites to keep you in the forefront in your respective market(s). Automotive Dealer Marketing Blog #1: This …

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