Jan 07

3 Issues Facing Car Rental in 2015

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Car Rental is an industry that is always adapting to new challenges and in 2015, that will be no different.


Here are (new-ish) 3 issues that Car Rental will face in 2015.


1. Music Royalties

You may be scratching your head, and that’s understandable – yet there are operations in Europe facing the issues of music royalties right now. Swedish royalty collection companies are beginning to argue that car stereos play music for the public, and that rental companies without the proper license are breaching copyright laws.

Fleetmanager, the rental company in question, argues that car stereo’s are played to a small amount of people and should no be considered as disseminated to the public.

If the Swedish courts rule in favor of the royalty companies, then this could create a precedent that one day reaches North America. Will car rental companies have to pay for the ability for renters to listen to music in their cars?

2. Bad Press

Not that this isn’t an issue Car Rental has faced throughout it’s existence, but in the age of Yelp and other online review services – a bad customer experience becomes magnified. Bluebird has gone into detail about online customer service, but there is more to it then just that.

Being transparent and avoiding any confrontation that could put your establishment in a negative light, should be a priority. As access to news and reviews become ever-so-easy, keep in mind that every action you make – both good and bad – represents your business.

3. Marketing

This blog loves to drill marketing ideas into our reader’s heads, and in 2015 that will be no different. Outside of the major companies, Car Rental is seriously lacking in terms of online marketing and that needs to change if smaller establishments want to stay relevant. Proper use of Facebook, Twitter, and blogging can make the world of difference in terms of who discovers your business, and who takes theirs elsewhere.


This list is by no means ultimate, but these are issues your business has overlooked. What are some new issues that you think Car Rental will face in 2015?

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