May 23

5 Hot 2014 Summer Car Care Tips

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See what I did there with the title? Moving on… while summer has yet to officially begin, it’s primetime to make sure the cars in your fleet are ready for the hot weather. Here are five summer car care tips for you!



Summer Car Care Tip #1: Check your pressure!

As winter decreases your tires air pressure, summer increases it. Make sure you test regularly to ensure the air pressure in your tire is at the recommended levels for your vehicles. This will avoid blowouts, and improve fuel economy for your vehicles. If cars in your fleet have spares, make sure to check them too!

Summer Car Care Tip #2: Wax on, wax on again…

Just like humans, the exterior of your vehicles can be damaged by sunlight and UV radiation. To prevent your cars from taking too much abuse from the sun, make sure to wash your cars weekly and to wax them prior to the dead of summer – repeat the waxing after six months.

Summer Car Care Tip #3: What’s on the inside counts too…

Don’t forget about the interior either, purchase sunshades for your vehicles to prevent cracking, fading and drying. It will also keep your customers cooler when they take the wheel – remember the little things my friends!

Summer Car Care Tip #4: Keep coolant and carry on

Yes, the phrase is overused, however there is no such thing as too much emphasis on checking your vehicles coolant during the summer season. Always be sure that the coolant level is in between the minimum and maximum markings – add more as it is needed. Also, don’t touch the radiator cap or coolant tank lid when the engine is hot – for obvious reasons…..

Summer Car Care Tip #5: Say goodbye to winter (If you had one)!

In your excitement for the summer months, don’t forget to rid the remnants of winter from your vehicles. If you have snow tires, take them off, change the oil – as it may have gotten thick during the winter, and clean the salt that has collected from under your vehicles. Removing the salt will protect your cars precious metals, and protect your engine from running hotter from caked on salt.


Thank you for another edition of Car Care Tips, for more information on Bluebird Auto Rental Systems, the global value leader in car rental software – visit our site today!

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