Oct 17

5 Essential Winter Car Care Tips

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With winter approaching, here are 5 winter car care tips to keep your vehicle intact during the worst weather of the year.


These may seem like no-brainers, but the truth is many forget about these simple tasks – that slip can end up costing you big time, and no one wants that!

If you’re fortunate to live in a year-long warm climate, we’re jealous. However, for the rest of us the winter can be tough on your car.

Winter Car Care Tips #5: Be prepared

While we are already in the middle of December, it is ideal to make sure your car(s) are prepared for the winter in the early fall. By doing so, you give yourself time to make sure everything is ready – before it is too late.

A wise winter car care tip is to make sure you spend some money on a heavy-duty wax, and if possible, purchase a car cover to protect your investments from the impending weather conditions.

Winter Car Care Tips #4: Check your fluid levels

Working windshield wipers and a solid supply of wiper fluid will ensure that you and your customers have visibility in the worst of snowstorms.

Wiper blades only last a year. If you think that it is time for a replacement, it likely is time for replacing them. Depending on how bad your winters are, you may want to equip your vehicle(s) with winter specialized wipers. Lastly, make sure your car(s) have wiper fluid with a low freezing point.

Winter Car Care Tips #3: Change your oil and find the proper viscosity

Again, this winter car care tip seems rather simple, however it is another tip that is easy to miss. The cold weather negatively effects oil’s effectiveness. The cold climates will make your oil thicker, reducing engine circulation.

This can be avoided by purchasing oil that is thinner than normal, most vehicles provide a winter oil viscosity (thickness) in the owner’s manual – along with other proper oil viscosity for the changing seasons.

Winter Car Care Tips #2: Have your battery checked

The only accurate way to detect a weak battery is with professional equipment. However, most motorists can perform routine care. If battery caps are removable, check fluid level monthly. A word of caution: Removal of cables can cause damage or loss of data/codes on some newer vehicles, so always check your owner’s manual first.

However, a bonus edition to our “Winter Car Care Tips” would be to have a professional inspect the battery. This would avoid any danger, or car issues, that can come from inspecting a battery.

Winter Car Car Tips #1: Consider getting snow tires

Snow tires are made of a softer rubber than all-season tires which allows them to retain flexibility, even in the coldest of cold. Tread patterns on these tires also allow for exceptional grip in the snow and ice.

However, snow tires aren’t a instant-fix. They won’t remove the chance of slipping and sliding in your car, but they do provide more traction than standard tires.


What advice do you have for preparing you car for the winter? Leave any suggestions below!

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