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Which of Bluebird’s Car Rental Programs Works Best for You?

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Bluebird Auto Rental Systems is the only major software vendor that offers two car rental program choices – an on premises solution or a hosted solution – because our software is PA-DSS certified.

We recognize that one size does not fit all and that our customers have differing needs and considerations
to take into account. Regardless of your choice, rest assure Bluebird Auto Rental Systems will work to optimize your car rental operations!



Car rental software is the sole focus of our company, enabling us to provide the most complete
range of options to our customers.

Below is a description of each solution and the major considerations to think about when making the
decision as to which car rental program is right for your business:

Why a hosted car rental program works for you:

A hosted solution is where Bluebird hosts the auto rental company’s data on one of our servers at our
PCI-DSS compliant data center, built and managed by OpSource, a leader in the SaaS (software as a
service) and Cloud Computing community.

With a hosted solution, the auto rental company provides the PC workstations and printers to be used
by their employees. In addition each workstation must have Internet broadband connectivity and reside
behind a configured firewall.

Bluebird’s hosting partner OpSource, provides the servers, bandwidth, load balancers, firewalls, switches, routers, server operating systems, and 24-7 network management and support in their PCI-DSS compliant data center in Northern Virginia. OpSource also manages the nightly backup of customer data.

A customer that chooses a hosted deployment of our car rental program, RentWorks, pays a non-refundable start up cost for each user, plus an ongoing flat or per transaction fee. In addition there is a monthly hosting fee for the
secure network infrastructure provided by OpSource.

This is in lieu of the ‘right to use’ license and  software support fees associated with an on-premises deployment. The monthly fees include Bluebird support, nightly backups with 28 day retention, and free service pack updates.

The major benefit of a hosted solution is the ability to use the car rental program without the inherent risks of
building and maintaining a secure network. However, that does not absolve the auto rental company
from following PCI-DSS mandated secure procedures at their own location.

There are also substantial capital outlay savings because with the hosted solution there is no need to purchase servers, server operating systems, Progress database licenses, or the Bluebird RentWorks right to use licenses.

Why an on premises car rental program works for you:

An on premises installation of Bluebird’s RentWorks car rental program is where the data and programs reside on
a customer built network at the auto rental company’s facility. In this configuration the customer purchases a right to use license from Bluebird for the appropriate number of users, and has the option to pay Bluebird a monthly support fee (for technical assistance with the software and free periodic service pack updates).

With an on-premises solution, the auto rental company supplies the servers, switches, routers, server operating systems, firewalls and network administration for the environment. They are also responsible for the security of their data and for obtaining nightly backups of the data.

The main concern for any customer installing RentWorks on their own in-house network will be security. The major credit card brands have instituted the PCI-DSS or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards which dictate rigid requirements that must be met by all merchants in order to protect card holder data.

There are two main components to the standard: the software that processes credit card  transactions, and the network on which it resides. RentWorks version 4 has been certified as a compliant application for the processing and storing of credit card data. With an on-premises solution, it will be the auto rental company’s responsibility to ensure the network that the software is installed on meets the PCI-DSS standard.

The benefits of an on-premises installation are 1) the auto rental company can leverage existing networks and administrators, and 2) have in-house control of their data, which may be important for some.

Now that you know the details of our a car rental programs, contact us today to receive the benefits of working with Bluebird Auto Rental Systems!


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