Jan 17

Car Dealer Software: Appointment Booking Efficiency With RentWorks4

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Bluebird Auto Rental Systems is proud to partner with TimeHighway.com, the premier scheduling solution provider for car dealerships.


This partnership provides a clear advantage to using our car dealer software to your operation. Now you can make your appointment booking process more efficient and maximize your profits.

Seamless appointment booking in our car dealer software:

TimeHighway’s robust program provides customers with the ability to schedule online appointments 24/7, while providing outstanding service drive management and shop loading for the service department. This addition is integrated with our car dealer software,¬†RentWorks4, and your DMS system. The appointment is transferred seamlessly into the DMS and to RentWorks4, which creates the rental/loaner reservation for the customer.

New innovations to our car dealer software brings new opportunities and benefits for your business:

There are many reasons to be pleased with this partnership, but the most significant is the benefit it provides our customers.¬†TimeHighway’s involvement¬†replaces old telephone-based processes with internet technologies to improve effectiveness and availability for booking appointments.

The innovation in our car dealer software offers new marketing, advertising, and communication channels for your dealership and your customers. Customers receive an immediate confirmation email, a courtesy reminder the day before the appointment email or text notification when the service on the vehicle is complete, and a thank you email once they pick up the vehicle.

The ability to schedule appointments online means less time for your service department on the phone and more quality time spent with customers. This better use of time allows for an increase in the dollars per R.O, and increasing Service Department CSI, customer loyalty and retention. As always, our car dealer software brings innovation that seeks to give you an advantage over your competitors.


The bottom line: TimeHighway maximizes available appointment hours and increases revenue!

Contact a Bluebird sales representative for more details!


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