Sep 13

Car Rental Rates: 10 Cheapest and Most Expensive Cities

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When it comes to car rental rates not only does it matter which company you go with, but also which city you are in. Thanks to a survey by CheapCarRental.net, we now have a better understanding of the variation in price from American city-to-city.

The survey examined 50 cities throughout the United States, from July until August of 2016. Each city’s airport was chosen as the pick-up and drop-off location for the rental. The rates were established at least a week before pick-up date.

Leading the 10 most expensive cities were Philadelphia and Seattle. According to the survey, both cities had rates over the $80 mark; that was for the cheapest cars available.

In terms of the 10 cheapest cities in America for rentals Orlando, FL, was the cheapest at $26 for the most affordable car. Florida also had the second (Miami), third (Tampa) and fourth (Ft. Lauderdale) cheapest cities.

The Ten Most Expensive

  1.  Philadelphia $83

  2.  Seattle $81

  3.  Boston $80

  4.  Chicago $73

  5.  Detroit $71

  6. Portland $69

  7.  Cincinnati $67

  8. Indianapolis $61

  9. Denver $61

  10. Cleveland $60

Ten Cheapest Cities

  1.  Orlando $26

  2.  Miami $28

  3.  Tampa Bay $30

  4.  Fort Lauderdale $32

  5.  San Diego $40

  6.  Los Angeles $41

  7.  Las Vegas $41

  8.  Honolulu $42

  9. Phoenix $42

  10. Charlotte $43

See where the other 50 cities placed by reading the survey at CheapCarRental.net.

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