Mar 10

Erez: Online Car Rental Reservation Software

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Car Rental Reservation Software has never been more convenient thanks to Bluebird Auto Rental Systems’ Erez and ErezMobile.

Both Erez and ErezMobile are car rental reservation software services that are written in WebSpeed, a Progress development language used for web-based transaction systems. The car rental reservation software allows internet users to check rental car rates and availability for a particular date range by opening a pipeline directly from your web site to your RentWorks database. And now they can do it from their mobile devices!

By utilizing this service, your business will have a distinct advantage – allowing your customers to make reservations- making for less work for you and your staff.

Car Rental Reservation Software With Erez and ErezMobile:

With Erez, your customers have the ability to easily book reservations directly from your website. This means no more faxes or email to slow down the reservation process. With this car rental reservation software responses and confirmations are automatic.

The customer is in control with Erez, by utilizing this innovation in e-commerce your counter agents are free to work on other demanding tasks and not taking reservations.

Best of all, the car rental reservation software makes live queries directly to your database, which provides your customers with real-time availability and rates you control. They will see a total of estimated charges and a picture of the car class.

You can also apply rate rules, specify special event and blackout dates, and much more. Simply put, you will never have to maintain or upload rates on your website ever again!



Bluebird makes it even easier for you and your customers with ErezMobile. You can have all the benefits of our innovative car rental reservation software programmed specifically for a mobile device and tablet. Your business will be ready to handle 21st century e-commerce.



Interested in learning more about our car rental reservation software? Contact us today and we will be happy to help you with an inquiries you may have!

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