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Apr 19

Avis Gears Up for a more Connected Car Rental Business World

Company VP sees future in digitizing to reinvent its business If the future of the car rental business is connectivity, Avis is planning to plug in big-time. That was the message delivered by Jeffrey Kaelin, the company’s vice president of product development during the International Car Rental Show, held April 12-14 in Las Vegas. “As we …

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Apr 17

Self-Driving Cars Scary to 30 Percent of Americans

HarrisX poll reveals millennials only slightly receptive to self-driving cars Both conglomerate and independent automakers are scurrying to their drawing boards to design the next best big thing on four wheels. And there’s no shortage of other players willing to jump onto the high-tech bandwagon. That’s particularly true in the case of self-driving cars, which …

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Apr 16

Enterprise Takes On Ride-Sharing Market With Vanpool

Vanpool adopts a Lyft and Uber business model for itself Ride-sharing companies started the year enjoying the sizable chunk they took out of the car rental market. But with the top car rental companies in North America still recording higher profits than usual, ride-sharing impact was minimal. Still, most companies are quite aware that it’s …

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Apr 15

In Wake of Ride-sharing IPOs, Car Rentals Look Better Financially

Enterprise, Avis and others still profitable while newer alternatives struggle Recent moves by Uber and Lyft to hit the stock market for investment prospects might be making car-rental corporations like Enterprise and Avis a bit nervous, but the financial outlooks of the two ride-sharing firms indicate that profitability isn’t a goal that will be realized anytime …

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Apr 12

Car Rentals may hold Key to Profitability of Electric Vehicles

Direct sales to fleet companies could improve automaker bottom line A study released in March reveals that automakers who sell electric vehicles directly to fleet-oriented customers like car rental companies will be further ahead on the road to recovery, given the exorbitant costs of producing green technology automobiles. Released by industrial consulting firm McKinsey & …

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Apr 11

Enterprise Links Up With Japanese Car Rental Company

Partnership with Nippon to expand services and increase mobility options With more than 10,000 offices in some 90 countries, Enterprise has already conquered the summit of the car-rental market. But apparently, the St. Louis-based company is still hungry for more partnership opportunities as was evident with its Monday announcement that Enterprise plans to hook up …

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Apr 06

Sales to Rental Car Industry Propping Up Automaker Numbers

March results indicate fleet-dependent firms account for a third of transactions Despite reports that March car sales were on the upswing, it turns out fewer families, individuals and corporations were buying due to an economy that’s still slugging. But one sector made up for that shortfall, ensuring strong bottom lines for vehicle manufacturers: the rental …

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Apr 05

Governments Targeting Car Rentals for Project Revenue

  Study shows excise and flat taxes hurting industry and consumers A report issued in March by Washington-based taxation policy lobby group Tax Foundation is stressing that the car rental industry is being singled out for taxes by most state governments. The taxes, which usually go to more project-based government expenditures like stadiums and cultural …

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Apr 04

If a Tesla Rental is Wrecked, What Happens to the Data?

Onus on drivers and renters of vehicles to wipe information Aside from being the most popular electric car on the market, Tesla is also notorious for providing a great deal of information on not only its performance, but its drivers as well. And while the collection and use of personal data has been an issue …

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Apr 02

Tesla Theft Tests Car Rental Security

Safeguards couldn’t stop brazen vehicle heist that ended in Italy First, let it be known that Teslas are, according to security experts, one of the toughest cars in the world to steal. Even if someone manages to make off with one of Elon Musk’s revolutionary electric wonders, the tracking software and other security features, like …

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