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Feb 19

U.S. Gov’t Shutdown Takes Toll On Car Rental Market

January’s shutdown of the federal government, the most severe in U.S. history, wreaked havoc on roughly 800,000 government employees, it also negatively impacted the car rental agency and other transportation and hospitality industries. As reported by Barron’s, information compiled by research firm Guidepoint Data released in mid-February revealed that government bookings for auto rentals plummeted …

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Feb 18

Airport Car Rental Market To Hit Nearly $50 Billion By 2023

A new study issued by Texas-based market research firm Lucintel states that the global airport car rental market could grow to as high as $49.1 billion by 2023. The growth, estimated to be at an average annual rate at 6.7 percent, will be driven by such factors as a boost in air travel, higher levels …

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Feb 14

European Auto Rental Agency All-Electric Car Fleet

With car rental companies hinting at further transitioning over to green fleets, one agency in Europe has taken it a step further. UFODRIVE, based at airports in Brussels, Hamburg and Luxembourg, is differentiating itself away from the rest of the market by having nothing but electric powered vehicles in its rental inventory. After officially launching …

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Feb 13

Auto Manufacturers Threatened by Massive Car Rental Boom in Moscow

In North America, Europe and parts of Asia, the car-rental industry has been enjoying a steady increase for years. But that growth is nothing compared to the leasing frenzy taking place in Moscow these days. For the past five years, car rentals in the Russian capital have jumped to the point where revenue charts display …

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Feb 12

Arizona Lawmakers at Odds Over Car-Sharing Regulations

In much the same way Uber turned the taxi industry topsy turvy, car-sharing company Turo has had an impact on the car rental market like never before. It has established players scrambling for a competitive advantage and even the government second-guessing itself in how to even define the industry. It’s the latter issue that’s raised …

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Feb 11

Luxury Car Rental Market to Exceed $22.5 Billion by 2022

The worldwide luxury car rental market is expected to exceed $22.5 billion, according to a Market Research Nest study released Feb. 7. That’s a phenomenal jump in the market’s value, considering the industry was worth some $10 billion in 2016. Taking in reports from 12 of the biggest car rental players in the industry, regional …

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Feb 08

Dollar Rent-A-Car Introduces Debit Card Option

Rental car reservations that exclusively require credit cards may soon be a thing of the past if Dollar Rent-A-Car’s latest policy is a hit with customers. The Hertz-owned company announced Feb. 5 that its latest policy will enable employees to accept debit cards to put a hold on vehicles as well. Dollar’s strategy is to …

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Feb 06

International Car Rental Show Addresses Unpredictable Future

In the case of the car rental industry, looking at the big picture is every bit as important as keeping your eyes on the road. That metaphor will definitely be top of mind when the 2019 International Car Rental Show (ICRS) rolls into the convention space at the Las Vegas Paris Hotel from April 14th …

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Feb 04

Volkswagen Developing Automotive Industry In Ethiopia

On Friday, Head of the Volkswagen Sub-Saharan Africa Region, Thomas Schaefer, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Abebe Abebayehu, the Commissioner of the Ethiopian Investment Commission. The project is going to be focusing on four key areas — the establishment of a vehicle assembly plant, the opening of a training plant, localization of automotive …

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Jan 31

Cadillac Bringing Back Subscription Service Book 2.0

Cadillac is bringing back a service known as Book, which allows customers to subscribe and get the benefits of insurance, a revolving door of luxury vehicles, and concierge-like services. The launch of the revamped product is slated to go live sometime around the end of the first quarter of 2019. Though, it will only be …

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