Jul 17

How RentWorks Helps Control Costs and Reduce Risk

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At Bluebird, we understand that the vehicles you rent out are big-ticket items. You want to keep them safe while keeping your customers happy and making rental payments easy. We can help you with that. RentWorks now uses WordPay’s (previously Element/Vantiv) CardSense™ to help you easily and quickly identify your customers’ payment card types, including PIN debit, prepaid debit or healthcare cards prior to performing a transaction.

How It Helps

Here’s how this information will help your business:

  • Ensures cards are handled properly at the point of sale

  • Mitigates risk

  • Lowers processing fees to improve operational costs

For most merchants, accepting a debit card is not a problem. However, your customers are driving away with a valuable piece of merchandise, which they are expected to return. You may already require a credit card to initiate the rental, even if the customer will use a debit card to make final payment upon return of the car.

CardSense™, a PCI DSS compliant processing technology, fully integrates with business management software.

Making Rental Payments Easy

CardSense™ works when a customer swipes or key enters a card. Due to restrictions in the EMV (Chip & Pin) process, it is not possible to determine the card type prior to obtaining an authorization.  After receiving the authorization response, RentWorks submits a CardSense request using data received in the authorization response.  This data passes along to the WorldPay Express Processing Platform. Express queries the CardSense™ database. It then  issues a response to RentWorks indicating the card type.  If the card is a debit or prepaid debit card, Rentworks will notify the user. it will then convert the authorization to a sale (Paid Deposit) or reverse the authorization depending on a user defined setting.

CardSense™ fully integrates into RentWorks, so you can use it seamlessly. Do you have questions about RentWorks or CardSense™? Call us today toll-free at 800-304-5805. We can help!

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