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May 24

RentWorks: Add-On Modules To Ensure You Have Superior Rental Tools

Take your car rental business to another gear with RentWorks’ add-on modules RentWorks is all about simplifying the operation of your car rental business. While the installation of the program only comes with a one-time fee, that doesn’t mean Bluebird isn’t constantly seeking ways to enhance the software. What’s made Bluebird the global value leader …

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Feb 23

Car Rental Operations: 5 Reasons to Go Paperless

Going paperless is not as bold as it once was, still some businesses have yet to make the transition. If your operations falls in that category, here are 5 reasons to consider going paperless! 1. Everything is easier to find! No more digging through file cabinets when you go paperless. Everything you need will be …

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