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Aug 29

5 Bad Habits for Car Rental Social Media

Five Bad Social Media Habits Car rental and social media unfortunately do go well together. Here are he main bad habits of car rental’s social media presence. In the next edition, we will discuss how to solve them!     1. Spamming Social Feeds with Repetitive Messages One sure way to get people to avoid …

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Nov 09

Car Rental Marketing: Which Outlet and Why?

With so many options when it comes to car rental marketing, knowing which one to use and why is vital. Our Social Media Coordinator, Stefan Jagot, teamed up with Auto Rental News to create a list of social media outlets and and why they’e important.   Twitter: What is it? Twitter is an online social …

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Sep 09

Car Rental Social Marketing: How Often Should You Post?

When it comes to car rental social marketing, the use of social media is key (duh). However, too much social activity can be just as detrimental as not using it enough.     Here is a guideline of the major outlets and how frequently you should be posting on them. Facebook: For operations, posting every …

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Mar 23

3 Spring Cleaning Tools For Car Rental Social Media

The grueling winter is coming to an end, and it is time for spring cleaning. No, cleaning doesn’t just pertain to your car in house, but also your social media accounts!   Unfortunately there are no apps to use for Facebook and Google Plus, however there are plenty of tools to make sure that your …

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Dec 01

Car Rental Social Media: 3 Ways to Enhance Employee Morale

While the strong majority of businesses use social media to market their product/service, never discount social media’s ability to empower your employees.       By using social media to put the spotlight on your employees, it will show that your business is healthy and that your employees are trusted and empowered. Here a three ways …

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Aug 18

Car Rental and Blogging: No Better Time Than Now

By now, there is no need to lecture on what exactly blogging is. However, just how important blogging is might have gone unnoticed – and that has to change.   Blogging is a key marketing tool for various businesses in various markets, including Bluebird Auto Rental Systems. If you’re not blogging, you’re likely losing out …

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Jul 14

5 Things Car Rental Must Stop Doing on Social Media

Social Media isn’t a perfect science, but there are certain things that you just don’t do. Here are five of them: 1. Spamming Twitter feeds with repetitive messages One sure way to get people to avoid following you, and those following you to stop doing so is to spam their twitter feeds. Instead of making every …

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Jul 07

Car Rental Social Media Study: Island Car Rentals and Twitter


I don’t need to lecture you on the importance of using Twitter, but there are a large amount of people who could use a lesson on using Twitter properly. Twitter isn’t just about talking about your business. It’s a platform to inform and engage, our friends at Island Car Rentals do just that. If your business isn’t doing …

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Apr 14

Automotive Social Media: 3 Keys To Social Success For Your Rental Business

When it comes to automotive social media there is no quick fix for your business, no easy answer, and no certainly no guarantee of instant gratification. However, there are keys to gaining leverage in this social media age.   We have documented successful automotive social media campaigns, but we have yet to dig deep into …

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Jan 27

Automotive Marketing Ideas: 5 Great Twitter Chats To Attend

When looking for great automotive marketing ideas, attending Twitter chats can be a vital tool to learning about the cutting-edge of digital marketing – along with great conversation with industry leaders.   What is a twitter chat?. According to About.com a Twitter Chat is as follows: A Twitter tweet chat is a pre-arranged chat that happens on …

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