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Vehicle Rental Software: 5 Advantages of Bluebird Auto Rental Systems

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Bluebird Auto Rental Systems is the global value leader in vehicle rental software.


When it comes to value and customer appreciation, Bluebird Auto Rental Systems stands out from the competition. Here are 5 reasons why Bluebird works for your rental operation, with customer testimony to back it up.

1.) We provide vehicle rental software that increases revenue for your rental operation:

Bluebird’s software continues to allow companies to develop and optimize their business. In return, our customers have seen an increase in revenue that can be attributed directly to our vehicle rental software.

“RentWorks is the best rental software I’ve ever used. It continues to help develop our business, and most important is its ability to bring in revenue that used to be left on the table.”

– Matt Haase
Rental Manager, Long McArthur Ford Salina, KS

More specifically, the management control features of RentWorks have been attributed to increased revenue over multiple locations.

“Since Bluebird installed our computer network, connecting all six of our locations over a frame relay link, I have noticed a sizeable increase in our net revenue year to year. I attribute this directly to the management controls within the RentWorks software.”

 – Antoinette Moik
Manager, Oleander Cycles Bermuda

2.) Bluebird Auto Rental Systems’ attention to the customer and their needs:

Not only do we provide top-of-the line vehicle rental software, but we combine that with superb attention to the customer. These two factors work as a mutual advantage for both Bluebird and our customer base.

“I have been very impressed with the products that RentWorks has to offer rental companies. Bluebird is always working to improve their products. They are devoted to their customer’s wants and needs, which is very important in today’s market. They understand that customers are what make the business and without customers, there is no demand for products. I like the personal attention that they give to each concern that we have and the response time is great.”

– John Leadingham
Owner, Carolina Rent A Car Charlotte, NC

Our constant devotion to the customer spans from our awesome support staff, to our convention, which is an opportunity to hear our customer needs in-person. We are always reaching out to our customers in search of improvements for our vehicle rental software.

3. Add-on modules that further optimize our vehicle rental software

A key advantage of choosing Bluebird Auto Rental Software is the optional add-ons that can take your rental operation to new levels. One of our most praised add-on’s is “E-Rez“, which allows for real-time reservations to be made on your business’ website.

“When we chose Bluebird over their competition a major factor for us was the ability for our customers to make an online reservation in “real-time”. Bluebird’s system works seamlessly. Another feature we really like is the Rez Planner, a great way to check our snowmobile fleet status at a glance. Keep up the good work Bluebird!”

– Terry Earle MacGillivray
Owner, Fryeburg Snowmobile Rentals Fryeburg, Maine

However, E-Rez is just one of our many vehicle rental software add-on’s that can work for your business. Find out which ones are ideal for your operation.

4. A support team that is as friendly as they are helpful

As noted before, Bluebird not only offers high-quality vehicle rental software, but we also seek to provide an unrivaled customer experience. This experience is exemplified with our support service. If you ever have troubles with our vehicle rental software, you can be guaranteed support that aims to resolve your issue.

“The support staff is always friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. All have had previous rental experience and this has proved a huge help. And the entire company supports our industry.”

– Dave Kairalla
Owner, Datura Auto Rental West Palm Beach, FL

We also assure that a human will be answering the phone, and assisting your needs. That is of utmost importance in our company mission.

“I received an email from Auto Rental News this morning and it had an ad attached from Bluebird about the quality of service they provide. I just wanted to add my thoughts to that. First, I wanted to thank all of you at Bluebird for all of the help you have given me over the last few months, getting our rental business off and running. Your patience and guidance has been very much appreciated. They also mentioned in the article that a human being will always answer the phone, that too is very much appreciated, especially when I have a customer standing at the counter. It is good to know that I can depend on you when I have a problem.”

– Deb Clifford
Rental Manager Rent-A-Wreck Lancaster, OH

5. 30 years of writing vehicle rental software:

Our dedication to the rental industry is apparent in not only our years of existence, but our dedication to staying on top of the industry’s trends. RentWorks was the first fully featured vehicle rental software to run on a Windows network and continues to lead the market in both features and reliability.

With Bluebird Auto Rental system, your operation is at an advantage, no matter how big or small your business may be.

“Bluebird has truly given independent rental companies an affordable technological advantage over the big guys. Our deepest thanks to the Bluebird team for their contribution to our industry.”

– Peter Kennedy
Rental Manager, Withnell Car Rental Salem, OR


So what are you waiting for? Bluebird Auto Rental Systems, and our industry-leading vehicle rental software are ready to work for you! Contact us today!

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