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Software that simplifies car rental operations

Installed in over 1,000 systems around the world, trusted by big and small businesses alike

RentWorks A system that pays for itself

You won’t see RentWorks as an expense on your business when you see the advantages it brings. From periodic procedures to repair orders, RentWorks gives its users the game-changing advantage of customized reporting.

Key Features

Fleet Managgement

See what vehicles are available in real time and complete bookings conveniently

Maintenance Module

Keep track of every penny you spend on a vehicle and know where you stand financially

CyberQuery Reporting

Grants you the ability to create custom reports without the time delays or cost of custom programming.

User Friendly

Easy for your staff to learn

Trusted Around The World

Ideal for any sized business, from a multi-user network crossing international borders or a single-user standalone PC.

One Screen Reservation

Built to efficiently process information and simplifies the rental process.

Source Of Business

Feature that tracks where your business comes from, so you can promote your business accordingly.

R&D Staff On Hand

Our team includes programmers, analysts, and quality assurance personnel committed to the ongoing development and enhancements for our software.


System allows for Special Events, Rate Seasons and Rate Rules to guarantee the highest possible revenue stream per rental.

Other RentWorks

Anticipating and understanding our clients' computer needs.
Positive Attitude
Always ready to explore new possibilities, identify opportunities and maximize resources.
Keeping Pace With Technology
With advanced technology comes more efficient ways to operate, which Bluebird always provides.
The Bottom Line
Ensuring our systems promote growth and profitability for our customers.
Supportive Staff
A savvy and experienced staff, ready to assist customers and address new software needs.
Quality Assurance
A guarantee that every Bluebird System delivers in quality and support as promised.
User Friendly Software
Use the software to its fullest capabilities. Our most successful customers inevitably use more features of the software than others do.
Earning & Maintaining Customer Trust
Listening to customers and ready to meet their needs.
Problem Solving
Customer satisfaction includes resolving conflicts and addressing complaints in a quick and courteous manner.

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