3 Spring Cleaning Tools For Car Rental Social Media

3 Spring Cleaning Tools For Car Rental Social Media

The grueling winter is coming to an end, and it is time for spring cleaning. No, cleaning doesn’t just pertain to your car in house, but also your social media accounts!

Unfortunately there are no apps to use for Facebook and Google Plus, however there are plenty of tools to make sure that your Twitter account is clear of following inactive accounts and those who have chosen not to follow you back!

These apps are ideal for unfollowing accounts that are not active, do interact, or are spammy – none of which are accounts you want to be following!

1. Crowdfire


If you want to make sure your Twitter and Instagram account is up-to-date? Make sure to utilize Crowdfire! It tracks who you are following, and if they are following you back. It also allows you to unfollow accounts that don’t follow you, which is ideal for those trying to keep their follow/following ratio. Crowdfire is free-to-use – for now.

2. ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter is exclusive to Twitter, and offers most of the tools Crowdfire does. However, it is more specific in that it shows which Twitter accounts are active and which ones are not. This way you can unfollow accounts that have been inactive for quite a while – thus, cleaning your Twitter account of “dead” accounts!

ManageFlitter also allows you to see peak Twitter times, so you can get optimal performance out of your Twitter account. The only drawback is that ManageFlitter is a premium service, but the price is certainly worth what you get out of it.

3. TweetAdder


TweetAdder is definitely the most complex of the 3 mentioned, but for those looking to clean their Twitter accounts and optimize said accounts – this service may be for you. It is premium as well, but comes highly recommended. With this service you can build lists, schedule automated tweets, manage accounts, and find accounts via bios.


Hopefully this guide gets your account(s) where it needs to be this Spring. Are you using any of these? Have a tool you want to recommend? Sound off in the comment section below!