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Founded in 1982, the original auto rental division of Bluebird Systems of Carlsbad, CA was spun off into its own company in 1993 as Bluebird Auto Rental Systems, L.P. and moved to Morris County, New Jersey.

In 2018, Valsoft Corporation Inc. (Valsoft) acquired Bluebird Auto Rental Systems, adding a respected and trusted provider of auto rental software to its Travel and Leisure division. Over Bluebird’s many years of operation, a stellar reputation of a customer-centric culture was established, which aligns with Valsoft’s mission. Valsoft is committed to carrying on Bluebird’s legacy of providing the best in technology and exceeding customers’ expectations in product and service quality.

We follow two overriding philosophies: listen to our customers, and give them choices. As a result, we offer a wide variety of fully integrated software and hardware products, all designed to increase the efficiency and profitability of any size vehicle rental operation. Bluebird is committed to keeping pace with technology, as well as providing next level customer support with a highly-experienced staff.

Regional sales and support offices are located throughout the United States, Canada and the U.K.

Keys to Success


Anticipating and understanding our clients’ computer needs.

Quality Assurance

A guarantee that every Bluebird System delivers in quality and support as promised.

Earning & Maintaining Customer Trust

Listening to customers and ready to meet their needs.

Positive Attitude

Always ready to explore new possibilities, identify opportunities and maximize resources.

Supportive Staff

A savvy and experienced staff, ready to assist customers and address new software needs.

User Friendly Software

Use the software to its fullest capabilities. Our most successful customers inevitably use more features of the software than others do.

Keeping Pace With Technology

With advanced technology comes more efficient ways to operate, which Bluebird always provides.

Problem Solving

Customer satisfaction includes resolving conflicts and addressing complaints in a quick and courteous manner.

The Bottom Line

Ensuring our systems promote growth and profitability for our customers.