Top 5 Hot Summer Car Care Tips

Summer Car Care Tips

With summer time now here, it’s time for you to start taking the necessary steps (hopefully, you’ve already started to do so!) to ensure your car doesn’t sustain any damage over the summer months.

Not only that, but without weather hazards like snow, ice, sleet or slush to worry about, it’s the perfect season to really showcase your vehicles. These are the months where you get the full extent of your cars’ performance and when you should really make sure your car looks its absolute best.

Having your fleet well taken care of will keep customers satisfied. When renting a car, a customer wants to step into a clean car and naturally, get the best possible experience out of using the car.

Aside from a car’s physical appearance, there are other measures to take to make sure the summer doesn’t have a negative impact on the vehicle’s lifespan.

With the hot weather setting in on us, it’s primetime to make sure the cars in your fleet are ready for the hot weather. Here are five summer car care tips for you!

1. Check The Tire Pressure!

As winter decreases your tires air pressure, summer increases it. Make sure you check regularly to ensure the air pressure in your tire is at the recommended levels for your vehicles. This will avoid blowouts and improve fuel economy for your vehicles. If cars in your fleet have spares, make sure to check them too!

2. Wax On, Wax On Again

5 Hot Summer Car Care Tips

Just like humans, the exterior of your vehicles can be damaged by sunlight and UV radiation. To prevent your cars from taking too much abuse from the sun, make sure to wash your cars weekly and to wax them prior to the dead of summer – repeat the waxing after six months.

3. The Inside Counts Too

Don’t forget about the interior either, purchase sunshades for your vehicles to prevent cracking, fading and drying. It will also keep your customers cooler when they take the wheel. These little things are what really makes a customer’s experience special.

4. Keep Coolant And Carry On

Yes, the phrase is overused, however there is no such thing as too much emphasis on checking your vehicle’s coolant during the summer season. Always make sure that the coolant level is in between the minimum and maximum markings – add more as needed. Also, don’t touch the radiator cap or coolant tank lid when the engine is hot – for obvious reasons…..

5. Say Goodbye To Winter (If You Had One)!

5 Summer Car Care Tips For Proper Maintenance

In your excitement for the summer months, don’t forget to rid the remnants of winter from your vehicles. If you have snow tires, take them off. Be sure to change the oil, as it may have gotten thick during the winter. Don’t forget to clean the salt that has collected from under your vehicles. Removing the salt will protect your car’s precious metals, and protect your engine from running hotter from caked on salt.

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