How Car Rentals Are Benefiting From GPS Technology

How Car Rentals Are Benefiting From GPS Technology | vehicle management software

Global Positioning Systems remain a trusty workhorse in fleet management

Connectivity continues to be the big buzzword in car rental technology, as the industry makes additional room for cloud-based data storage and greater customer service efficiencies. But there’s still one old-school tracking method that continues to help major and minor fleet operators, especially when it comes to the well-being of their vehicles.

That trusty standby, GPS, short for Global Positioning System, has been a boon to pinpoint vehicle locations and distances.

For openers, GPS has been a predominant factor in determining fuel usage, which companies can pro-rate that consumption and save a lot in transportation costs.

And while some players look for additional forms of technology to boost their clout in the industry, others continue to not only rely on GPS, but upgrade that system as well.

GPS influence expected to grow

According to the website MoneyControl, GPS is set to become bigger and more influential than ever by 2023. While most systems are fast, providing instantaneous information on vehicle location, speeds, frequency of major roads being used and idling can paint a distinct picture of driver behavior, maintenance costs and even marketing possibilities.

Reckless and erratic drivers, for instance, can provide extra wear and tear on a vehicle and spike the rate of fuel consumption. Real-time GPS and more accurate mapping via satellite can provide more detailed information about fleet performance that speaks volumes not only about the condition of the targeted vehicle, extensive reports the compile the data can offer simple solutions.

GPS will still be a prominent tool for fleet management for years to come and Bluebird’s fleet tracker features in its car rental software platform has been proven to be among the best products for tracking auto rental fleets hitting the road. Over the past year, Bluebird has made a concerted effort to integrate more advanced GPS technology to enhance its fleet management systems.

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