Loaner Application Software

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Welcome to Bluebird

Built on our RentWorks PowerSuite platform, LoanerTrack runs on any Windows PC or Mac and offers the most complete loaner application software available.

What you can do with

Process Rentals

Fast and Easy Check-Out/Check-In process – process rentals and returns quickly on a single screen.

Import Customer Data

Import Customer Data – all customer data can be imported from any major Dealer Management System.

Other LoanerTrack

Custom Status Codes
Create your own status codes (or use pre-existing codes) and assign to each vehicle.
A selection of 100+ reports. Info can be sent to Excel spreadsheet and formatted accordingly.
Two-way Interface
Integrate LoanerTrack to Dealer Management Systems such as: CDK Drive • Auto/Mate • Reynolds • Dealertrack • LightYear
Rez Planner
Rez Planner - allows service agents to visually allocate loaner vehicles to reservations.
Laser Printed Rental
Laser Printed Rental Form: wow customers with a professional looking, customizable rental form.
Management report
Management reporting - Maximize reimbursement money by showing vehicle utilization.

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