Bluebird Add-On Modules

Onsite or Online Training Available

Accounting Interfaces

Eliminate the need to add data twice!

RentWorks has an export capability that can transfer data from your rental contracts to Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and the General Ledger in a number of popular accounting packages. With a click of the mouse you can upload all of your data and integrate it to QuickBooks, Peachtree, Great Plains and MAS90/200. There are also separate interfaces to most dealership management systems, including Auto/Mate, CDK Drive, Reynolds, Dealertrack and DealerBuilt LightYear.

You simply set up a Chart of Accounts with the same accounts and account numbers that are in your accounting program.

Key Features:

  • Export Fleet Data to the General Ledger covering vehicles acquired, vehicles sold, depreciation, license depreciation and payments.
  • Posting to Accounts Receivable is done via the Daily Business Report. If you use QuickBooks, you can also post via Invoice Processing.
  • Creates entries for revenue splits in both Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable

Signature Pads

Are Your File Cabinets Overflowing?

Going Paperless Is Now Possible with the Electronic Signature Pad for RentWorks!

Key Features:

  • Large screen electronically captures your customer’s signature upon check-out.
  • You can also prompt to accept or decline additional coverages.
  • Images are stored electronically — eliminates the need to save hard copies.
  • All necessary verbiage can be programmed to display on the screen in order to meet legal requirements.

Minimum system requirements: RentWorks 4.0,release B9 and WebClient (Remote Desktop Protocol/RDP via Terminal Services will NOT work with version 4 Signature Pads). One signature pad per workstation, plus the appropriate user level software license.

Claims Manager

Are you losing track of your accident claims?

Claims Manager is an easy-to-use software module that automates all the primary functions of accident claim tracking, and much more! Fully integrated with RentWorks, Claims Manager saves you valuable time by providing you with immediate access to accident claims information whenever you need it!

Key Features:

  • Claims Manager automates the storage and retrieval of accident claims information.
  • Reduces data entry by pulling existing contract and fleet information from the RentWorks database.
  • Produces aging reports on uncollected funds.
  • Allows an unlimited number of other parties – and vehicles – to be entered with the primary party.
  • Reports on the status of all claims including information for Billed, Collected, Insurance, Legal Action, and other areas.
  • Allows inquiries by renter, claim number, car number or accident date.
  • Generates form letters that merge data from selected claim records.
  • View documents associated with claims – including photographs scanned into your PC
  • Expenses and payments can be viewed for each claim. Net Gains and Losses are calculated instantly.
  • Reports funds reserved for payments of claims vs. funds actually paid out to date (as updated by the user).
  • Maintains and updates a Subrogation Ledger.
  • Reports total damage by car.
  • Unlimited Extra Comments can be added to each claim.
  • Reminder messages can be added which will appear after the date and time you specify every time you access the Claims Manager.
  • User-definable claim statuses and claim types.

Driver's License Cameras

Scan Driver's Licenses Directly Into Your Bluebird System!

SnapShell® R3 is the premier ID card scanning solution. Easy to use, SnapShell® R3 incorporates the latest OCR technology to automatically extract the appropriate information from the scanned image and place it into the correct fields. SnapShell® R3 also extracts the signature and the person’s face into separate image files.

Simply place the license onto the scanner and press the scan button. SnapShell® R3 then indexes the card image by saving it under the owner’s name. With the software, you can choose where the file should be stored on your system.

When a contract is opened, you can select which driver's license will be associated with the customer record. Upon doing so, the image is loaded into the database and the file is removed from the initial directory into which it was placed. Therefore, it is not necessary to have a scanner attached to each workstation — everyone on your network has access to the data.

SnapShell® R3 Features:

  • Easy USB installation
  • Compact unit with small footprint
  • Integrates seamlessly with Bluebird’s RentWorks
  • Scans, saves and indexes automatically
  • Supports wide variety of image formats (BMP, JPG, TIFF, PCX, TGA, PNG, PSD)
  • Reads current licenses from all 50 U.S. states and over 90 countries around the world
  • Supports PDF-417 Barcode reading

Increase productivity and reduce human error with SnapShell® R3! Call us today for more information.

Note: The scanner will not recognize languages with non-standard characters, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian.


Do you need a better way to qualify your debit card carrying customers?

Bluebird’s new interface to Equifax is the way!

Upon opening a rental agreement, your counter agent can, if desired, obtain the customer's credit score from Equifax, one of the leading credit history reporting bureaus.

Equifax will search their database for your customer based on just the name and address. If there is no match on the address, you can use the social security number. You can enter any script you want the counter agent to read to the rental customer: 1) before the inquiry is made, 2) if the score fails, and 3) if a person cannot be found at all in the Equifax database. You determine the cutoff score which qualifies to rent. You can also define how many days to apply that result to future rentals. You can ignore the Equifax score by using the Manager Override function. However, ALL actions are recorded in the Audit Log.

Please Note:

  • You will need to enter into an agreement directly with Equifax in order to use this module.
  • You will have to disclose the fact that you may perform credit checks on the face of your rental agreement.
  • Renters with a home address in Vermont cannot have their credit checked.

This Equifax interface is just one of many exciting features included in RentWorks, Bluebird’s leading-edge auto rental software. Contact us today to find out how RentWorks can improve your bottom line.


Make the Power of the INTERNET Work for You!

Now you can with Erez and ErezMobile

The only products on the market that allow your customers to:

  • Research real-time rental car rates and availability
  • Choose miscellaneous charges and coverages
  • See the total estimated charges
  • Make a reservation and receive a confirmation

All directly from your website! You don't have to maintain or upload rates on your website ever again!

Erez and ErezMobile are software products written in WebSpeed, a Progress development language used for web-based transaction systems. ErezMobile has all the same great features as Erez, with screens designed for your mobile device! The software allows internet users to check rental car rates and availability for a particular date range by opening a pipeline directly from your web site to your RentWorks database. And now they can do it from their mobile devices!

You can flag which rates will be seen by the internet user, and Special Events and Rate Utilization can be set up to block out specified vehicles and rates. You can even load pictures of your vehicles! When the customer makes a reservation, the information is automatically loaded into your RentWorks database.

RentWorks Mobile

Join the Smartphone Revolution with RentWorks™ Mobile!

Now you can check in vehicles and email your customer a receipt, and take physical inventory, from any mobile device with a standard web browser!

RentWorks Mobile allows you to:

  • Close Contracts using the RA #, Unit #, Renter Last Name, VIN or License #.
  • Take Physical Inventory of your Fleet.
  • Check Status Lines to view the number of Reservations and Due Backs.

All changes are displayed so that you can verify them with the customer before closing the contract.


  • RentWorks Mobile Software Driver, Version 4, Release B10 or later
  • Progress WebService (different from the one used for Erez2)
  • Standard web browsers include Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.
  • If Erez2 is being used, we recommend that a separate Webspeed Server be set up.
  • To close a contract with RWM, there must be at least one Credit Card deposit record, as that will be used for the payment.
  • There is no email address specifically for the RWM programs. If you are already using SMTP for email delivery, it will simply use the same address you use for contract and reservation receipts.

For a demo, please contact Bluebird for a login and password, then click here:

RentWorks Texting

Would you like to be able to text your customers? - Now you can!

Introducing RWTexting, the latest innovation from Bluebird!

This extraordinary module gives you the ability to send text messages to renters’ mobile phones, both automatically and manually. From the reservation and contract tabs in RentWorks, a text message can be sent to any customer listed.

RWTexting allows you to send messages regarding upcoming reservations; rental agreements that are due soon, due now, or past due; and have recently closed, so that you can send a thank you or a survey! You also have the ability to set parameters for when reservations and contracts should be checked; when a text message should be sent; and the actual text message that is sent. You can use a pre-written default message or write any message manually.

In the Customer file, a checkbox has been added to Renter’s Preferences labeled “Text Messaging.” By checking this box, you verify that the renter will accept text messages. Once a text message is sent to the renter, a tag is stored with the reservation/contract showing the date and time a message was last sent.

RWTexting supports the CDYNE SMS interface. Bluebird will set up an active account for you with CDYNE Corporation, so you may send the text messages to your customers. CDYNE provides RentWorks with a single interface to all mobile carriers.

Get RWTexting and make the most of mobile technology. Your customers will love it and so will you!


Isn’t it about time to bury those old time clocks?

Make way for the 21st Century...TimeClock is here! Fully integrated with RentWorks, TimeClock is the automated employee time clock from Bluebird. It’s here to make your business run a little smoother... and make your life a little easier.

TimeClock Features:

  • Eliminates the need for the traditional time clock. Now, instead of punching in, an employee can simply log in, on-line through your computer system.
  • Keeps track of the employee’s time during any given pay period, whether it is a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly payroll cycle.
  • Records all transactions for each employee by date, time and type.
  • For added security, managers have the ability to override or correct any entries.
  • Once information is approved, it can be posted automatically to Microsoft Excel.

Now isn’t it about time to get TimeClock?

Reservation Links

Is your vehicle rental business missing a vital link?

The Corporate Reservation Link will save you time and money!

The Corporate Reservation Link allows reservations to be received from a centralized reservation center. The information is sent out via a secure Internet connection, which is connected directly to the server. When RentWorks processes the reservation, it automatically creates records in the Reservations, Customer, and Payment/Deposit Tables.

The Corporate Reservation Link features the ability to generate an audit trail from the reservation transmissions. A hard copy receipt can be printed of the exact image of the reservation transmissions as they are sent from the centralized reservation center. A log is also provided for the purpose of tracking all additions and changes to the Reservations File.


Make Your Appointment Booking Process More Efficient and Maximize Your Profits!

Bluebird Auto Rental Systems is proud to partner with, a premier real-time, online scheduling service for car dealerships. Convenient and easy to use, it allows busy clients to set their desired reservation or appointment times.

TimeHighway’s extremely robust program provides customers with the ability to schedule online appointments 24/7, while providing outstanding service drive management and shop loading for the service department. Integrated with RentWorks and your DMS system, the appointment is transferred seamlessly into the DMS and to RentWorks, which creates the rental/loaner reservation for the customer.

TimeHighway enhances or replaces old telephone-based processes with Internet technologies to improve the effectiveness and availability of booking appointments — and offers new advertising and communication channels for dealerships and their customers.

Customers receive an immediate confirmation email, a courtesy reminder the day before the appointment, email or text notification when the service on the vehicle is complete, and a thank you email once they pick up the vehicle. This allows the Service Department to spend more quality time with customers, thus increasing the Dollars per R.O., and increasing Service Department CSI, customer loyalty and retention.

The bottom line: TimeHighway maximizes available appointment hours and increases revenue!

Contact your Bluebird sales rep today for more details.

Credit Card Processing (CCPRO)

Credit Card Authorization and Draft Capture Made Easy!

CCPRO, a leading-edge credit card processing system, is yet another example of how Bluebird Auto Rental Systems can help streamline your counter operations. Fully integrated with RentWorks, CCPRO supports EMV (Chip & PIN) technology and allows you to perform the credit card authorization and draft capture functions of your operation quickly and efficiently - saving you time and money.

Key Features:

  • CCPRO performs the credit card authorization and draft capture functions for all major credit cards, including American Express.
  • CCPRO supports Chip & PIN devices and tokenization technology to securely process payments.
  • CCPRO saves valuable time by eliminating manual data entry: when the customer inserts a credit card into the reader, the information is securely captured and encrypted.
  • CCPRO passes all sensitive cardholder information directly to the processor without saving it to the merchant’s computer system.
  • CCPRO provides a security check against credit card fraud. The card’s ‘chip’ identifies the correct owner of the card, even if the name and card number on the front have been altered.
  • CCPRO utilizes a token issued by the processor to point to a transaction, eliminating the necessity to store sensitive data locally.
  • CCPRO allows multiple payments to be processed against a single token.
  • CCPRO offers a choice of payment gateways that merchants can select from.


Imagine connecting to Bluebird from an iPad, Mac, or Google Chromebook – with Zero Client Setup!

Now you can – with Ericom AccessNow™, run RentWorks™ in any popular browser – with NO client software!

  • Use AccessNow to browse the Web and manage business from iPads/iPhones, Androids, Google Chromebooks, PCs, Macs, or any other device running an HTML-based browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari).
  • Empower agents to work with Web apps and any Windows applications – simultaneously!
  • For iPhones and other devices with smaller screens, ask about RentWorks Mobile.

Ericom AccessNow Features

  • Runs right out-of-the-box, without requiring any customization, installation or configuration.
  • Gives users secure and intuitive access to RentWorks.
  • Provides excellent performance without requiring any upgrades or patches on the iPad, Mac or other device.

How Does AccessNow Work?

  • It’s so simple – all you need is a Web-browser and internet connection!
  • Open the web page and enter the address of the Ericom AccessNow Server (wherever it’s installed, such as on a Terminal Server, virtual server or physical computer).
  • Enter your credentials and press ‘Connect’ – RentWorks will appear directly inside your browser window.
  • That’s it!

Ask your Bluebird account manager how you can start running RentWorks on your favorite browser today!

CyberQuery Report Writer

Create Custom Reports in RentWorks with Cyberquery® and Take Control of Your Car Rental Business!

“When you fully embrace Cyberquery you gain freedom to report on your data in any way you choose. By doing so you add to the bottom line with an exponential increase in staff productivity. Almost all of your reporting can be automated. And the staff love it because it allows them to focus on the more rewarding aspects of their jobs. When used for audit purposes ,you will gain a depth and breadth to your data you likely didn’t know was possible. Cyberquery is fully adaptive and scalable to meet your needs and is easy to use. In conjunction with Rentworks, Cyberquery is the single biggest technology catalyst for positive change we have ever implemented with this organization.”
Anoop Chugh
Director of Information Technology,
Hertz/Dollar/Thrifty of Canada

RentWorks includes over 125 standard reports, but if you need custom reports that are more specific to your business, then Cyberquery® is the answer!

Cyberquery makes it easy to access the wealth of data held in RentWorks, letting you put the power of strategic decision making into the hands of key employees at all levels in your organization.

With Cyberquery, authorized employees can quickly and easily obtain the information they need when they need it. And in the format they need it: Cyberquery delivers business intelligence in graphs, reports and spreadsheets distributed by email, paper and via the internet.

Using Cyberquery enables you to access your data to produce and electronically distribute information in a fraction of the time required by conventional programming and other report writers. Cyberquery also has outstanding run-time performance that produces results very quickly, which greatly enhances productivity.

When you require record-by-record detail reports, just specify the data needed and Cyberquery presents the information drawn from one or more databases. You can sort, organize and rearrange information as you desire. Cyberquery automatically optimizes layout and pagination, saving you the effort.

Summary reports provide the information needed for strategic decisions. Through summaries, you can find essential information that empowers more informed business decisions.

Sometimes, information is much more apparent in a graph or chart compared to a table of figures. Cyberquery lets you change the display from a table to a chart and back again with the click of a mouse. And you can easily export information directly into Excel and other spreadsheets for further analysis and presentation.

Cyberquery is very easy to learn and use for the novice, yet sophisticated and powerful enough to meet the needs of the advanced user or programmer.

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