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Welcome to Erez

For over thirty years, Bluebird Auto Rental Services has been the premier car rental system of choice for the industry, supporting satisfied customers around the world.

Here’s what we can do for you.

Improve Renter Experience

Technology is changing the way people rent vehicles. Equip your business with a turnkey online sales and marketing platform to keep up! Remain adaptive to evolving car rental business models, such as on-demand booking and mobile booking. Keep pace with technology without an innovation team.

Increase Revenue

Ensure your website generates its maximum potential revenue. Erez provides you the tools to improve customer loyalty, which will bring you more repeat rentals and lower customer acquisition cost. Our seamless business analytics will guide you in how to invest your additional revenue.

Did You know?

Google constantly changes the SEO rules. Even a website that's just three years old can be considered obsolete!

Erez Features

Customer Login

  • Frequent renters can sign up with an email and password and store their details.
  • Increase customer loyalty with a quicker booking process.
  • Erez's security measures meet data protection requirements.

Vehicle Promotions

  • Featured vehicle promotions let you promote specific vehicles on the rates page.
  • Choose vehicle, date range and depots - along with your promotional text.
  • Vehicle upgrade promotions to lead the renter to more expensive vehicles.
  • Configure vehicle upgrades with one-click
  • Increase the average dollar value of each rental.

Instant Payment

  • Take secure online payments with your choice of over 100 payment gateways.
  • Helps you achieve and maintain PCI compliance.
  • Improve cashflow
  • Reduce no-shows
  • Keep customer identity and credit card data secure.

Web analytics

  • Track everything on your website using Google Analytics and eCommerce reporting.
  • Identify which traffic results in the most sales.
  • Lets you focus investment on your most profitable marketing channels.
  • Powered by the leading eCommerce and website platform for car rentals.
  • Designed to increase online sales and reduce internal costs.
  • Increase convenience for your customers with mobile apps and instant online payment.

World CLass hosting

  • Environment and processes verified by risk teams of major rental brands.
  • Secure hosting, ongoing backups, automatic deployment, staging & live sites, 24/7 monitoring and WAF.
  • Ensures your site remains operational.
  • Maintain your revenue flow and Google ranking.
  • Protects your site from being hacked.

Multi-Language Website

  • Additional websites under separate domain folders.
  • Content pages, booking process & emails all translated.
  • Improve site traffic from lucrative inbound tourism market
  • Improve rental experience for international visitors.

On-demand Car Rental

  • The future of car rental is here.
  • Renters can get any vehicle delivered to any location.
  • Using our tools, try this new business model
  • Include trusted on-demand delivery drivers if necessary.

Smart Renter Messaging

  • Improve operations and better serve customers with smart renter messaging (SRM)
  • Text customers: 1 hour before pickup with shuttle bus tracking and interactive maps
  • 1 hour before return, with the option of one-touch reservation extension requests

Digital Services

Even without using our platforms, you can benefit from our skills and insight. Our team provides you:

  • Digital strategy & content
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • SEO and paid search management