Auto Rental Software: ACE Rent A Car Case Study

This case study comes courtesy of Progress Software, and examines the many benefits that Bluebird Auto Rental Systems‘ industry leading auto rental software, RentWorks, has provided ACE Rent A Car.


With 11 corporate locations, ACE Rent A Car needed auto rental software that provided independence and control – from an on-premise solution. Bluebird’s decision to provide flexible deployment options allowed ACE to do just that.

SaaS is a worthwhile option for many, but for ACE it was not what they were looking for. Bluebird was able to provide an option that fit ACE, as Jason Enyeart, ACE’s Contact Center Manager, explains.

“Bluebird was able to offer us what we needed, while at the same time providing the technical support we require as a large company. It’s been a great partnership between the two companies.”

How Bluebird’s auto rental software benefits ACE Rent A Car

Four and a half years after the decision to go with Bluebird Auto Rental Systems, ACE has enjoyed an increase in the overall speed of their auto rental process, in part to the RentWorks auto rental software.

RentWorks’ window-based system packs features such as a two screen rental process, reservation sales, fleet utilization, rate management and accounting interfaces – all of which have helped ACE’s said increase. Adding to those features, is the reliability of Bluebird’s auto rental software.

“The system has also proven to be highly reliable, which is crucial for the rental car business. Our customers are on the move, trying to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. We can’t afford for our systems to be down,” explains Enyeart. “We’ve been pleased that system down-time has been contained virtually to routine maintenance.”

Enyeart continued on how the auto rental software has optimized the rental process for ACE Rent A Car, from check-in to the check-out.

“With Bluebird we can easily get a customer checked in and out the door within three to five minutes,” says Enyeart. “Customer care value translates into a competitive advantage.”

Not only has RentWorks helped the corporate locations, but it has been an attractive service for ACE’s affiliates as well. Currently about 25% of the company’s affiliates utilize Bluebird.

How will ACE Rent A Car utilize Bluebird’s auto rental software next?

As alluded to, ACE and Bluebird Auto Rental enjoy a strong and active relationship. ACE is highly optimistic and excited about the potential of Bluebird’s next release and upcoming enhancements, including the mobile app.

“The mobile app will absolutely improve the productivity of our employees by enabling them to get customers through the process more quickly,” says Enyeart. “It will also expedite the return process for our customers. They will be able to pull in to the return lane and be greeted by an agent who will immediately check them in and get them on to their next destination.”

From Bluebird’s perspective, we will continue to build on an already strong relationship – ensuring that our auto rental software fits theirs, and all of our customers, needs.

For the entire case study click the following link: OpenEdge-CaseStudy-Ace-Rent-a-Car-r2. For more information on how Bluebird can optimize your auto rental operation, click here.