Automotive Social Media: How to Get Started on Facebook

There are over 15 million businesses on Facebook, if you don’t want to be left out (and you don’t) here are the essential steps to getting your automotive social media plan started on Facebook.

In terms of automotive social media presence, the usual manufacturers have already made their footprint, but in the auto rental industry there is plenty of room for growth. It may be too late to be a trendsetter, but it is never to late to build a solid web-presence – and reap the benefits.

Why Facebook, why Automotive Social Media?

Well besides the 15 million businesses that have already begun using Facebook, it is the second most-visited site in the world after Google. At this point in time not being on Facebook is detrimental to your business.

How does a business page differ from a personal Facebook account?

Pages are completely separate from personal pages, except that you gain access to them via your personal page. Upon creating a business page you will be able to:

  1. Express your identity with features like a cover photo and Page timeline
  2. Reach and engage your target audience on the web and mobile devices.
  3. Respond to customers in a prompt and personal matter.

Thus, entering the world of Facebook is crucial to automotive social media – and your business.

How do you create a Facebook Page?

1. First go to the PAGES tab on your personal Facebook Page.

2. Click the “Create Page” tab.

3. From there you will be given panels to fit the description, and other information vital to your business. Make sure to fill this information out properly, it will be detrimental to your automotive social media plan to not.

4. By default you will be the Administrator of your Facebook page. You can add more users as you see fit, but be careful which responsibilities you give them. Your Facebook Page should look something like this after proper images are added.

Vital Terms to Know:

Cover photo: the large photo that appears at the top. Use this space to capture the essence of your brand and showcase your service/product.

Profile picture: Place your company logo here.

Friend activity: People can see how their friends are engaging your page.

Likes: Those who are directly engaged with your page, by creating content they love your brand will expand its reach in ways you can only imagine.


It may look easy to just create a Facebook page and garner thousands of likes, but it takes hard work and creative content in order to make your automotive social media plan work. In the upcoming months we will delve deeper into Facebook and other social media sites in order to help your business.

For another example, please check out Bluebird Auto Rental Systems‘ Facebook Page, and see our automotive social media efforts.