Avis App Makes Finding a Parking Spot Much Easier

Avis app

Partnership with software company Arrive to ease vehicle space searches

A new partnership between car rental company Avis and mobility software business Arrive is expanding uses of an app to increase the convenience of parking. The feature, which will be integrated into the Avis smartphone app, is designed to seek, book and even pay for a parking spot in advance. It’s welcome news to the rental company’s client base that frequently complains about trying to find vehicle space, especially while trying to navigate the streets of an unfamiliar area.

“We are constantly striving to improve the customer experience, and solving one of the biggest pain points – parking – will go a great distance to helping us achieve our goal,” said Arthur Orduna, Chief Innovation Officer at Avis Budget Group in a media release.

“The Arrive app integration removes the stress and hassle of finding parking for both road warriors and leisure travelers, while also making the lives of travel managers easier.”

“We understand that parking can be difficult, especially in unfamiliar cities, and it can often come with a huge cost that has historically been hard to predict,” added Dan Roarty, President and COO of Arrive.

Avis said the joint venture will affect all of the company’s innovation goals including the reinvention of the car rental process, digitizing its operations and developing new business models to accommodate newer technology.

The Avis app will still enable clients to rent a vehicle and use other features like remote auto locking and exchanging or upgrading their car of choice. With the new parking amenities, users simply tap the “My Car” button. Not only does the feature promise ease in finding and booking a space, it also uses Bluetooth and location software to conveniently take care of the payment. This enables Avis to automatically shift those parking fees to a client’s credit card.

Besides convenience, both companies are also praising the economic benefits of the app by helping individual and corporate-based clients to better track parking expenses and make budget projections based on travel costs.

Arrive is already a world leader in creating fully-integrated platform that allows for effortless parking from finding locations to completing transactions for the space. Users can activate the platform while driving via voice, app or other forms of in-dash features. The technology is already being used in at least 200 cities across North America. Besides Avis, Arrive has also established partnerships with major companies that include Amazon, Ford, Hyundai and Ticketmaster.

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