Twitter’s Changes, and How They Affect Your Operation

There’s been a lot of talk about the changes Twitter is making to its timeline. How does it affect your operation’s social media presence?


Starting in February, Twitter will experiment with an algorithm that shows what it thinks users want to see at the top of their timeline. According to Twitter this will not be like Facebook, whose timeline is ordered by an algorithm that measures relevance to an individual user. How this differs remains to be seen.

The before mentioned tweets will show up when the user enters Twitter, either by the app or by web browser. After the tweets are shown the timeline will return to the social media site’s signature reverse chronological order. Twitter has been experimenting with this via their “while you were away” feature, and this change is said to expand on that.

This change presents an opportunity for operations that utilize Twitter in their marketing strategy. As now tweets sent to followers will have a greater chance of being seen, instead of lost in time as they were in the past.

However, this does not change the emphasis on having relevant and entertaining tweets. In fact, it’s more important now to create tweets that captivate your audience, as they will have more chances to see your tweets – and impressions are everything!

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