Car Rental Rates: 10 Cheapest and Most Expensive Cities

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Miami unseats Orlando as cheapest car rental city in U.S.

What a difference a month makes. After three years as being the monarch of cheapest car rental rates in the country, according to a May report by financial software company SmartAsset, Orlando has surrendered its crown to another Florida metropolis. Recent stats compiled by CheapCarRental and released Monday reveal that Miami is now the least expensive car rental location in the U.S.

Families visiting Miami can easily rent a vehicle for $23 a day on average, a dollar less than the $24 rate you can get in Orlando, which fell to second spot on the CheapCarRental list. Rounding out the top five were Jacksonville ($26), Las Vegas ($31) and Los Angeles ($32).

Oddly enough, discrepancies between SmartAsset and CheapCarRental results were huge in that Miami wasn’t even in the SmartAsset top 25 when the result were put out in May. Additionally, the CheapCarRental rates in its tallies were considerably lower than what was listed in the SmartAsset report, which had Orlando’s daily fees at $36. Third-place Jacksonville’s daily rate of $26 on CheapCarRental were considerably lower than the SmartAsset findings, which placed the city in eighth place at $79.

Cleveland and Cincinnati top expensive list on latest industry survey

As for most expensive, CheapCarRental pointed to Ohio as a hotspot with Cleveland topping the list at $84 a day, followed by Cincinnati at $82. Also hovering at the $80-range was third-place Newark ($81) and fourth-place Anchorage ($80). Completing the top five was Boston, at $74 a day.

Still, families wanting to travel to those locations, especially to get together with relatives, shouldn’t be discouraged, as there are deals to be found in each of the pricy cities listed. At this writing, anyone wanting to rent after landing at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport can get a Dodge Avenger sedan at Budget for less than $35 a day, for example. The most expensive option on the CheapCarRental site for Cleveland was a Chrysler Pacifica minivan from Thrifty for more than $250 a day.

But you can save a few bucks by avoiding airport rental car offices entirely suggest, travel experts who also recommend shopping around for bargains and booking well in advance to take advantage of lower rates. Some suggest booking with several rental companies at once, and then dropping them or rebooking if you see considerable drops in rates until you find one that’s best for you. And, finally check your car insurance policies to determine what rental coverage you might or might not need to save even more.

Top 10 Most Expensive Car Rental Cities In America


1. Cleveland, OH – $84

2. Cincinnati, OH – $82

3. Newark, NJ – $81

4. Anchorage, AK – $80

5. Boston, MA – $74

6. Pittsburgh, PA – $73

7. Seattle, WA – $71

8. Portland, OR – $70

9. Denver, CO – $69

9. Indianapolis, IN $69

Top 10 Cheapest Car Rental Cities In America

Miami Cheapest Car Rental City

1. Miami, FL – $23

2. Orlando, FL – $24

3. Jacksonville, FL – $26

4. Las Vegas, NV – $31

5. Los Angeles, CA – $32

6. Dallas, TX – $35

7. San Diego, CA – $36

8. Tampa Bay, FL – $38

9. New Orleans, LA – $41

10. Salt Lake City, UT – $43

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