Bluebird Cook Book: Chocolate Truffle

With Christmas approaching, it is time for another edition of “Bluebird Cook Book” . This is where the Bluebird Auto Rental Systems family shares their favorite recipes with you!


In this edition, Chocolate Truffle!

Devil’s Food Cake (may add instant chocolate pudding as you make the cake, or just buy the Extra Moist variety.)
Kahlua or like liquor (1/3 to ½ cup)
1 pint whipping (cream) cream
4 or 5 Heath (or Skor) Bars
2 or 3 boxes of Oetker or Jello brand Instant Chocolate Mousse (make with milk)
Tall, straight-sided glass bowl. (This LOOKS the best!)

Two Days Before Serving:
Bake Cake (using two 9×9’s, two 8×8’s, a 12×9, or a 13×9 inch pan).
Make holes all over the cake with a toothpick.
Pour liquor over cake
Cover and refrigerate
One Day Before Serving:
Make Mousse according to directions on the box. Refridgerate.
Make whipping cream by beating heavy cream at high speed until very thick (may take as long as 15 minutes). Refridgerate.
Crush Heath Bars into pieces (not crumbs) by placing in plastic bag and pounding with a meat tenderizer mallet.
Cut our cake with same dimensions as serving dish by first making an outline using the serving dish as a “cookie cutter” then cutting out with a sharp knife.
Slice cake horizontally to yield at least two layers. Save excess cake, use as a filler as cake won’t fit into the serving dish perfectly.
Layer into serving dish: cake, mouse, whipping cream, Heath bars. The longer the desert sits in the fridge, the better it tastes!