Cadillac Bringing Back Subscription Service Book 2.0

Cadillac subscription service

Cadillac is bringing back a service known as Book, which allows customers to subscribe and get the benefits of insurance, a revolving door of luxury vehicles, and concierge-like services.

The launch of the revamped product is slated to go live sometime around the end of the first quarter of 2019. Though, it will only be launched in a few select cities, so drivers in New York, for instance, will not be able to use the service just yet.

According to Driving, the new version of the product will rely on dealerships being more involved and doing a bit more with their clients than just selling them a car.

The newer product will also be limiting its services when it comes to vehicle swaps as they were not all too popular to begin with. When the Book product was in in its infancy, one of its feature would have allowed for the option to swap vehicles up to eighteen times a year.

The announcement is coming after Cadillac put Book on hold in November 2018 to work out some of the bugs and mitigated expenses. Cadillac needed to find some more profitable margins and likely make the service more user friendly. However, this is still a strong move as it shows Cadillac is confident that the fixes they implemented will get consumers interested in the rather new industry product.

Though, this doesn’t signify that Cadillac is out of the water just yet. Companies such as Porsche and Mercedes-Benz are reported to be following in Cadillac’s footsteps with similar products. Which would put the onus on Cadillac to have a working, profitable, useful and overall appealing model in place in order to be one step ahead of the competition. As it stands, the product is quite pricey, coming in at a rumored $1800 USD per month, which isn’t exactly pocket change. For the wealthy hardcore Cadillac fans, this might be a small price to pay, but for the average person the price tag would most definitely keep them far away from this product.

At the end of the day, Cadillac is making improvements to their Book product in the hopes that many of their biggest fans jump on board. While the price tag has little to be desired, they could still turn a profit with their more established clientele.

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