Car Rental Software: Fuller Rentals Case Study

Fuller Rentals needed more visibility into business operations to maintain a productive and profitable business and ensure the highest level of customer service. They chose Bluebird Auto Rental Systems and RentWorks to do just that.

Located in Chula Vista, CA, Fuller primarily serves as a Ford rental car systems dealer, but also recently implemented a new Honda loaner program. Fuller manages all of the loaner needs for the local Ford and Honda dealerships in addition to operating a retail car rental business.

Fuller realized that its existing loaner and car rental software was insufficient to their needs. Because the system’s reporting functionality was extremely limited, the company was unable to access detailed, valuable information about business operations. They needed car rental software that catered to their needs:

We needed the ability to drill down into the data to get a deeper understanding of where we could make positive changes in our business,” – David Ward, General Manager for Fuller Rentals

Ward would continue searching for said software; he, and Fuller, would choose Bluebird Auto Rental Software. Fuller now utilizes Bluebird’s RentWorks software in their day-to-day operations. Their decision came after discussion with not only Bluebird, but existing customers. What they heard from existing customers only strengthened their choice:

“And when we did contact those users, they had very positive things to say. We were comfortable that the solution could do everything Bluebird said it could do.” – David Ward

Since the implementation of RentWorks, Fuller Rentals has observed many improvements to their business, including: productivity, visibility, profitability, and a higher level of customer service.

In terms of profitability the results were instant for Fuller, within their first two years with RentWorks,  the company was completely profitable. The ability to review data, such as monthly or quarterly reports that show the value you are getting out your fleet. This improved visibility was not available with previous car rental software offerings.

Along with the improvements that came from RentWorks, Fuller found that Bluebird provided superb support along with their already easy-to-learn software:

“I cannot think of a time that I called into Bluebird for support and did not get a call back within 45 minutes. I am totally happy with the support and service I get.” – David Ward

With Bluebird Auto Rental Systems help, Fuller Rentals will continue to improve and keep up-to-date with technological advances.


The following quotes and data come from Progress Software’s case study on Bluebird and Fuller Rental Systems. The full study can be read here.

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