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Credit Card Authorization and Draft Capture Made Easy!

CCPRO, a leading-edge credit card processing system, is yet another example of how Bluebird Auto Rental Systems can help streamline your counter operations. Fully integrated with RentWorks, CCPRO supports EMV (Chip & PIN) technology and allows you to perform the credit card authorization and draft capture functions of your operation quickly and efficiently - saving you time and money!


  • CCPRO performs the credit card authorization and draft capture functions for all major credit cards, including American Express.
  • CCPRO supports Chip & PIN devices and tokenization technology to securely process payments.
  • CCPRO saves valuable time by eliminating manual data entry: when the customer inserts a credit card into the reader, the information is securely captured and encrypted.
  • CCPRO passes all sensitive cardholder information directly to the processor without saving it to the merchant's computer system.
  • CCPRO provides a security check against credit card fraud. The card's 'chip' identifies the correct owner of the card, even if the name and card number on the front have been altered.
  • CCPRO utilizes a token issued by the processor to point to a transaction, eliminating the necessity to store sensitive data locally.
  • CCPRO allows multiple payments to be processed against a single token.
  • CCPRO offers a choice of payment gateways that merchants can select from.

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