Eliminate Double Entry of Data!

Let Bluebird's bi-directional interface to your CDK Drive dealership system save you time and money!

(not to mention sore fingers)

Are you doing TWICE THE WORK:

  • Entering the same CUSTOMER DATA for both auto rental and dealership customers?
  • Entering the same ACCOUNTING DATA for both your auto rental systems and your dealership system?

If these are familiar scenarios, then you need the Bluebird interface to CDK Drive (formerly ADP)!

With this interface, you can look up existing customers in your CDK system, and then transfer their information into RentWorks during the rental process. If you add new customers into RentWorks, they will automatically load into the CDK database.

Upon initial installation, you will enter setup and posting parameters, then General Ledger account numbers (which should match those in CDK). When you post your Daily Business Report, journal entries are created and written to your CDK General Ledger.

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