Claims Manager

Are You Losing Track Of Your Accident Claims?

Claims Manager is an easy-to-use software module that automates all the primary functions of accident claim tracking, and much more! Fully integrated with RentWorks, Claims Manager saves you valuable time by providing you with immediate access to accident claims information whenever you need it!

  • Claims Manager automates the storage and retrieval of accident claims information.
  • Reduces data entry by pulling existing contract and fleet information from the RentWorks database.
  • Produces aging reports on uncollected funds.
  • Allows an unlimited number of other parties - and vehicles - to be entered with the primary party.
  • Reports on the status of all claims, including information for Billed, Collected, Insurance, Legal Action, and other areas.
  • Allows inquiries by renter, claim number, car number or accident date.
  • Generates form letters that merge data from selected claim records.
  • View documents associated with claims - including photographs scanned into your PC.
  • Expenses and payments can be viewed for each claim. Net Gains and Losses are calculated instantly.
  • Reports funds reserved for payments of claims vs. funds actually paid out to date (as updated by the user).
  • Maintains and updates a Subrogation Ledger.
  • Reports total damage by car.
  • Unlimited Extra Comments can be added to each claim.
  • Reminder messages can be added which will appear after the date and time you specify every time you access the Claims Manager.
  • User-definable claim statues and claim types.

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