Dealers Get In On New Car Rental Service Program 

Dealers Get In On New Car Rental Service Program  | Car Rental Management Software

NAIDA rolls out plan that doubles as customer experience tool

For vehicle owners who need to take their set of wheels to the shop for repairs, the powers that be at NAIDA want your attention. NAIDA, short for the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association, announced on Friday a rollout of what it calls its CPO [short for certified pre-owned] Daily Rental Vehicle program, designed to provide motorists with a replacement vehicle for as long mechanics are working on their cars.

The long and short of the program is that it provides convenience for customers who leave their vehicles at a dealership garage, as they can get access to a service rental vehicle for as long as their own car is being serviced. It’s designed to provide less stress for the consumer and dealership staff who knows that a replacement can instantly be made available. 

The program also has other side benefits including a chance to provide customer service and convenience for the customer, which in turn creates an additional brand loyalty incentive. It also provides dealerships with an additional revenue stream to independent dealers to compete against its larger conglomerate counterparts. Backing up the program’s economic amenities by running a few numbers in its media release, NAIDA’s CPO rental program could provide up to $40 a day in revenue, money that would otherwise go to another competitor like an auto rental office.

The bottom line according to NAIDA? According to Auto Remarketing, the organization’s new CPO Daily Rental Vehicle program is an ideal “customer experience tool.”

Whether companies out there in the transportation industry are rental car firms or dealerships jumping onto a new rental revenue stream, it takes a very robust and flexile software platform to stay on top of a fleet and overall operations, especially when new opportunities might create some snags in workflow and overall restructuring. That’s where Bluebird’s LoanerTrack management system comes in.

It doesn’t matter what type of dealer management system is being used. LoanerTrack is compatible will any of them, allowing for consumer data to be imported seamlessly and fast, to ensure prompt attention when that information is needed. Companies can also use the system to customize their own status codes to existing ones that can be assigned to each vehicle to check on their entire fleet at all hours of the day. Not to mention a comprehensive and user-friendly Rez Planner that’s handy for company staff to easily match reservations with the required vehicles.

For independent dealers considering the CPO rental program, or if they’re looking at developing their own new revenue stream, LoanerTrack is one must-have management tool.

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