Dollar Rental Contest Indicative of Pushing the Driving Experience

Dollar Rental Contest Indicative of Pushing the Driving Experience | car rental management software

Music City Sweepstakes could stretch customer satisfaction potential on apps

Tougher competition warrants participants to get even tougher with their business and the car rental industry is one of the most vivid examples of that type of activity. Technology’s been the main driver in this case with management software platforms rolling with such features as connectivity to gather mounds of data needed for more targeted marketing of company fleets, additional app features to offer consumers greater options than ever before and a dogged focus on customer attention with faster workflow procedures.

They’re still relying on high profile contests, thanks to the Music City Sweepstakes recently rolled out by Dollar Car Rental, offering a five day trip to Nashville complete with airfare courtesy of American Airlines, a couple attraction passes and accommodation at Marriott’s SpringHill Suites and Residence Inn. Contests and other dog and pony incentives are nothing new. Hertz introduced a chance for clients to rent limited edition classic Corvettes back in March, while others like Advantage offers prizes to anyone willing to fill out a survey which goes into a draw to determine the winner.

But a high-profile offering like Dollar’s November initiative has all the ingredients to go the distance in providing customers even more convenience and life-pleasing moments the moment they get behind the wheel of a rental. Take, for instance, what one executive said about the sweepstakes.

“One of the best parts of traveling is the memories you make along the way, and Dollar is committed to helping its customers create moments they will treasure long after their trips are over,” said Susan Jacobs, a senior vice president at Dollar.

Those moments that customers would treasure is certainly an incentive to keep regular clients, a point emphasized by Car Rental Gateway employee Martin Kallasmaa, who recommended that the opportunity exists for companies in the industry to make the whole experience a one-stop shop that allows for access to airlines, hotels, restaurants and so on. Sure, other apps like Expedia and Kayak offer those services already, but the potential for greater customer retention might be greater if a car rental can add those amenities under the same roof. 

Right now, most car rental companies are ensuring that their technology ensures shorter wait times, faster fleet delivery, and fewer booking obstacles. And those strategies are working, since customer satisfaction is at an all-time high in the business. But the next step might be to heighten the experience by offering more than a foolproof booking procedure.

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