New ‘Entegral’ Technology Reduces Auto Accident Hassles

New ‘Entegral’ technology reduces fender-bender hassles | vehicle management software

New Entegral technology platform helps car rental customers get back on the road

One of the biggest worries among car rental customers is the consequences and potentially intimidating processes following an auto accident. Enterprise has now introduced a new integrated software development that helps address such a situation.

It’s called Entegral and it’s designed to smooth over any obstacles involving post-accident procedures as well as helping Enterprise customers get another vehicle to hit the road again. It’s a platform that connects thousands of vehicle repair shops, insurance companies and other pertinent industry players to better communicate and coordinate all the elements to ensure more trouble-free claims reporting and any issues involved in rental car settlements.

“The insurance claims process is complex, and with Entegral, our goal is to connect everyone involved so they can work quickly and efficiently to make things easier for customers,” said Joe Rector, Assistant Vice President for Entegral. “Our customers will continue to receive the same great services they are accustomed to with no interruption. The new name captures the spirit of the technology — combining the strength of Enterprise, the integral role we play in the industry, and the integrity we strive to bring to every customer and partner interaction. “The Entegral system is the latest development that picks up from where Enterprise’s main software program dubbed ARMS, short for Automated Rental Management System, left off. First rolled out in 1999, the program wired a number of auto repair and insurance companies with dealerships working with Enterprise to deal with all the post-accident paperwork. The radically-improved connectivity warranted changing the ARMS label to Entegral to illustrate how vastly more streamlined the process is these days. 

Besides using Entegral technology on a fleet that exceeds two million, Enterprise is also using the platform to connect with more than 50 insurance companies and roughly 20,000 auto repair shops in Canada, Ireland, Puerto Rico, the U.K. and the U.S. 

“Entegral is a solutions-based platform,” said Dan Wessel, Vice President for Entegral. “We remain steadfast in our longtime commitment of safeguarding the privacy of collision repair data, while also supporting open access to data, benefiting all parties involved.”

Vehicle maintenance and damage has become a major focus with connectivity this year, especially with the introduction of artificial intelligence in many inspection systems to increase assessment accuracy and processing efficiency. Much has been documented in recent months about the industry’s movement towards auto inspection, especially with Toyota and Volvo using UVeye technology for that purchase. Not to be outdone, a recent venture between Avis and Ravin also started earlier this year.

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