Enterprise Launches Car Subscription Service

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Car subscription option rolled out in Minnesota, Missouri, and Nevada

As a way to improve flexibility in customer service and a measure to counter the emergence of ride-sharing firms in the car-rental market, Enterprise Holdings has announced the launch of its new car subscription plan.

The new option, which marks the first time a car rental company has gone that route, is currently available at Enterprise offices in Minnesota, Missouri, and Nevada. Enterprise will be evaluating the new program dubbed Subscribe With Enterprise for the next two months and pending results, will likely roll it out in the rest of the U.S.

 “We’re starting out in just three states to make sure we have enough time to develop a deep understanding of the subscription process and consumer preferences,” said Randal Narike, Executive Vice President of Operations for Enterprise Holdings.

“Consumers have asked us for long-term rental options that offer a new level of flexibility for when they need a sedan, an SUV or even a truck. This service expands on our commitment to provide customers with innovative mobility alternatives that meet them where they live and work.”

For now, however, major Minnesota locations where the service is available include Duluth, Minneapolis, Rochester and St. Paul. Customers can also take advantage of the service in such Missouri communities as Columbia, Jefferson City, Kansas City and St. Louis, while Nevada renters can find the plan at offices in Henderson, Las Vegas and Reno.

Enterprise is hoping customers will take advantage of the new car subscription plan designed to make booking more accessible and convenient. Subscribers who pay a monthly fee will be able to choose from more than 20 makes and models of vehicles from sedans to SUVs to trucks. They also have an opportunity to switch to another vehicle in the Enterprise fleet up to four times monthly.

Customers can enroll online for Subscribe With Enterprise and pending approval will receive an email confirmation, identification code, and a phone number to make their first booking. After that, the company’s mobility as a service (MaaS) technology can fulfill subsequent bookings electronically. Fees also cover up to 3,000 miles a month plus access to roadside assistance, vehicle maintenance, additional insurance protection and when available, Sirius XM Radio. Customers will still need to foot the bill for gas, tolls, taxes and even parking, speeding and vehicle infraction tickets.

Already being called “Netflix for cars,” the Enterprise subscription service is being promoted as a new option to renting the old-fashioned way, as well as leasing or purchasing a vehicle.

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