Equip Your Car Rental Software With RentWorks’ Cyberquery Reporting

Equip Your Car Rental Software With RentWorks’ Cyberquery Reporting | vehicle rental software

As we head into a new decade, the car rental industry is continuing to embrace new technology with ‘connectivity’ and ‘mobility’ remaining the catchy buzzwords heard constantly. 

For car rental operators, managing data and analyzing it to make crucial decisions will be key to improving operations going forward.

Fortunately, RentWorks delivers a multitude of reports using cyberscience to ensure fleet managers get more accurate information and reports that are more specific to their business. Thanks to Cyberquery reporting, car rental businesses can now manage more data than ever before.

What is Cyberquery?

Cyberquery is a fast, easy to use business intelligence solution. It provides you with the fastest and most productive way to explore, analyze and understand the data that drives your business. 

Cyberquery Delivers More Specific Data

What is cyberscience?

RentWorks’ Cyberquery module makes it easier to access the wealth of data RentWorks brings you. Strategic decision making can now be put into the hands of key employees at all levels in your operation.

The employees you authorize can analyze this newfound data and easily obtain the information they need, when they need it. Cyberquery makes business intelligence easier to read, whether laid out in graphs, reports and spreadsheets distributed by email, paper or online.

Distribute Your Information More Quickly

There are many benefits to Cyberquery, but one key benefit is it enables you to access your data quickly and turn that data into information to produce and distribute in a far quicker fashion. Cyberquery simply is far more efficient than conventional programming and other report writers. It also has outstanding run-time performance that produces results quickly and improves productivity. 

Customizable For Your Business

At Bluebird, we understand that every business has unique needs. Whether your business is a chain or a small, single location, Cyberquery reports can be customized to deliver the reports you need. When you require record-by-record detail reports, all you have to do is specify the data you’re looking for and Cyberquery will deliver the information drawn from databases. 

When you receive the data, you can organize the information any way you see fit. You won’t have to spend much time organizing your newfound business intelligence, as Cyberquery automatically optimizes layout and pagination, saving you tons of time and effort.

Summary Reports

Equip Your Car Rental Software With RentWorks’ Cyberquery Reporting | car rental software

Cyberquery’s summary reports allow you to find essential information that facilitates you to make more informed business decisions. Cyberquery also makes it easier for you to break down the information, and lets you view it all in the display you prefer. Sometimes, information is far more apparent in a graph or chart, rather than a table of figures. With Cyberquery you can choose the display you’d prefer to gather and view the information. From there, you can easily export the info directly into Excel and other spreadsheets to further analyze information.

Take it from a satisfied RentWorks user

“When you fully embrace Cyberquery you gain freedom to report on your data in any way you choose,” says Anoop Chugh of Hertz/Dollar/Thrifty of Canada. “In conjunction with RentWorks, Cyberquery is the single biggest technology catalyst for positive change we have ever implemented with this organization.”


No matter your level of computer skills or how advanced you are in using RentWorks, Cyberquery is easy to learn and use, yet is sophisticated and powerful enough to meet the needs of an advanced user. As a car rental operator, you deserve to get the most out of your vehicle rental software, and Cyberquery will provide the advancements you’ll need as business intelligence relies more and more on cyberscience. 

If you’d like to hear more about how Cyberquery reporting can enhance your business’ operations, please reach out to your Bluebird representative or contact us here.

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