Make the Power of the INTERNET Work for You!

Now you can with...

Erez and ErezMobile

The only products on the market that allows your customers to:

  • Research real-time rental car rates and availability
  • Choose miscellaneous charges and coverages
  • See the total estimated charges
  • Make a reservation and receive a confirmation

All directly from your website! You don't have to maintain or upload rates on your website ever again!

Web Based Car Rental System
Car Rental Reservation Software

Erez and ErezMobile are software products written in WebSpeed, a Progress development language used for web-based transaction systems. ErezMobile has all the same great features as Erez, with screens designed for your mobile device! The software allows internet users to check rental car rates and availability for a particular date range by opening a pipeline directly from your website to your RentWorks database. And now they can do it from their mobile devices.

You can flag which rates will be seen by the internet user, and Special Events and Rate Utilization can be set up to block out specified vehicle rates. You can even load pictures of your vehicles! When the customer makes a reservation, the information is automatically loaded into your RentWorks database.

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