Feds Propose Anti-Terrorist Bill Involving Car Rentals

Feds Proposed Anti-Terrorist Bill for Car Rental Security | vehicle management software

Industry players already taking measures to curb potential car rental security threats

Car rental firms have long made security a priority in their business. That said, much of the technology dealing with the issue has more to do with protecting connectivity data from hackers or mitigating the possibility of vehicular theft in their fleets. 

When it comes to security threats, terrorism has edged its way into the spotlight given that a number of incidents the past few years in France, Germany, Israel, Canada, the U.K. and the U.S. involved rentals. Recently, federal politicians stepped onto the stage proposing a law to enable car rental companies to help identify possible terrorists via the Darren Drake Act, named after a New Jersey resident, one of eight killed by an ISIS-inspired assailant who drove a rented truck down a bike path in New York City in 2017.

If passed, the law would require vehicle rental companies to cross-reference their client lists against one that the Department of Homeland Security has compiled of people suspected of taking part in terrorist-related incidents. Admittedly a recent phenomenon in the car rental industry, it’s a concern that a number of players have already taken into consideration.

Terrorism was one topic covered at the International Car Rental Show earlier this year in Las Vegas, when security expert Mike Rozin revealed tips on how car rental company staff can help identify extremist behavior before any serious incidents take place. A year earlier, the U.K. government introduced its Rental Vehicle Security Scheme, which included a 10-point code of conduct on how to deal with any customers who come across as suspicious.

The very technology that’s designed to increase customer satisfaction and reduce production and servicing costs will certainly play a huge role in following the letter of the would-be law. Its biggest asset is speed, the very component that enables technology platforms to efficiently cut down on workflow obstacles.

Given the appropriate software, sharing client lists with law enforcement would not only be almost instantaneous, it wouldn’t add any particular stress to a car rental employee’s workday. Additionally, customer profiles geared to address particular rental needs as well as previous transactions might also serve as additional background information to investigators in the best interests of public safety.

It all boils down to how car rental management software performs its tasks efficiently and comprehensively. Products like those offered by Bluebird have already proven to complete those tasks in such a manner. Should the law pass through the administrative channels, companies using Bluebird to manage their businesses already have a robust system operating to address whatever measures the legal system may put in place.

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