Fleet Forward Conference To Tackle Concerns For Car Rental Industry

Waymo fleet

Silicon Valley event examines topics from car-sharing to autonomous vehicles

Given the technological leaps and bounds affecting automobiles, from driverless to electric vehicles, it’s no surprise that the 2019 Fleet Forward Conference will be taking place in Silicon Valley.

The conference, designed to help businesses with an arsenal of vehicles that are used as part of their revenue streams to keep pace with the latest automotive developments, will take place Nov. 11-13 at The Forager in San Jose, California.

One subject that will be of particular interest to the car rental industry will be the impact of car-sharing on the market. Case studies at this seminar will help break down the economic model of this latest mobile movement and use such aspects as data harvesting, bookings, optimal fleet use and other elements to find out how this part of the industry ticks.

While the beacons are sounding out that electric vehicles will be the wave of the future, that’s not satisfying to car rental companies concerned about barriers like short battery lives, anxiety over limited range of vehicles and return on investment regarding green technology. Panels at a discussion over electric vehicle fleet adoption will examine many of these issues to see how such obstacles can be overcome.

The itinerary for the three-day event isn’t complete yet, as the conference is still in the middle of a call-out for speakers. At the moment, wide-ranging subjects from the future of ride-sharing to vehicle technology have already been confirmed. One topic deals with fleet enterprise future-proofing in which a discussion will take place on a current driver shortage in the U.S., changing vehicular regulations and the impact of technology on mobile-oriented services.

Another discussion concerning fleet management will dedicate a great deal of attention towards autonomous vehicles, especially in what opportunities that lie ahead. Particular focus will be placed on how to navigate the interfaces between owners and end users of fleet vehicles, especially through such sophisticated software as Fleet Management as a Service (FMaaS). Attendees will get perspectives on how technology will affect all aspects of a fleet-operating business, from marketing to maintenance.

One seminar that may get lively is dubbed The Great Mobility Debate. Presented in a campfire discussion format, debate will revolve around the impending technology and how to prepare for it, especially with the arrival of autonomous technology and the changes that lie ahead when it comes to booking.

Other subject areas are still being put together, and tickets to the event will be available soon. For more background, contact information is available on the conference website.

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