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Capture real-time fuel and odometer readings to help you optimize your business.

Bluebird’s integrations with RentalMatics bring the power of telematics to your car rental operation.

Get seamless access to connected car insights to improve operations and increase profits and the ability to track and manage your fleet in real time.

Key Features:

Locate + Recovery

  • Live map
  • Geofencing
  • Journey reports: track average speed, distance, locations & travel times.
  • Set limits where your vehicle can travel
  • Impact or accident notifications
  • Delivery & Collections tracking

Real-time Fuel + Odometer

  • Streamline the check-in process
  • Reduce manual input errors
  • Increase fuel revenue capture
  • Historical view of vehicle activity
  • Track vehicle speed to assess renter risk
  • Daily driver safety scores

Check-In Dashboard

The Check-In Dashboard creates additional revenue opportunities by showing due back vehicles that need special attention (overdue, low on fuel, had recent impact, etc…) before the vehicle is returned.

Turnaround Dashboard

RentalMatics’ turnaround dashboard provides operational efficiency information, such as time spent in cleaning area and vehicle movement on the lot.

Other Key Benefits

  • Simple install and deinstall process
  • Additional revenue opportunities
  • Viable solution for all car rental operators

Plug in. Connect. Go.

Fleet management has never been simpler. Our telematics integration is easy to install and activate, simple to use and interpret.

Get set up in less than an hour and start saving time and money!

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