Honda And Toyota Team Up For Hydrogen Refueling Stations

Honda Refueling

It’s not every day that you’re going to hear about competing car manufacturers teaming up to do something great for the consumer. But it does happen from time to time and this is one of those cases.

Both Honda and Toyota sell hydrogen-electric vehicles — the Honda Clarity and Toyota Mirai. However, according to, there’s one issue with these types of vehicles, and that is how you would go about fueling them. The refueling options are limited, which can mean that the distance one can travel with these cars is extremely short when compared to gas powered cars.

Hence why both companies are moving forward with trying to install hydrogen fuel-cell infrastructures in the city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Jean Marc Leclerc, the Honda Canada Senior Vice-President of Sales and Marketing stated: “For Honda Canada, this investment in hydrogen infrastructure is about supporting progress in clean mobility options.” He also mentioned that “In the short term, this investment will create an environment where we can continue to test our products and educate Canadians on the vast potential of hydrogen-powered vehicles today, knowing that mass adoption could take some time.”

This is seen as a good thing as the main obstacle preventing people from making the switch to electric or hydrogen-electric vehicles is minimal infrastructure for refueling (or re-energizing). This is why many individuals prefer the traditional combustion engine car as opposed to the hydrogen-electric one, there are just more gas stations than there are hydrogen stations.

With that in mind, one of the reasons this is being done is to help achieve Honda’s goal of reducing greenhouse gasses in a significant manner by the year 2030.  Honda, on the other hand, has been at this for a little while already, in fact, their lineup of vehicles has some of the lowest emissions in the industry.

All in all, it’s clear that Honda and Toyota want to improve the world of cars by introducing more sustainable options. While Honda has got large goals set in place, it doesn’t really mean that their goals are going to be reached just yet since they need to fight the battle of educating the consumer about it, as well as showing results in all areas of development — especially refueling.

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