ICRS Seminar Putting Focus Back On Customers

ICRS Seminar Putting Focus Back On Customers | auto rental software

Seminar shows how car rental technology can better connect with consumers

So much has changed in the car rental industry, especially over the past couple of years. We had the panic of how ride-sharing was trying to squeeze into the business and grab some of that precious market share, we’ve anticipated how car connectivity can lower costs and create new marketing opportunities, and now have sights set on how green and autonomous vehicles might alter the future landscape.

While players have had their eyes dash back and forth over the sometimes confusing turnpikes regarding those latest developments and events, there still needs to be some assurance that companies should always concentrate on the customer’s interests at the end of the maze.

That’s why the International Car Rental Show, taking place March 22-24 at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, is dedicating seminars towards maintaining customer relations in the midst of this maddening high-tech rush to be front and center in the industry. The bottom line is, no matter how many bells and whistles your upgrades bring, none of those improvements mean a thing if they don’t address consumer needs.

One session, Improving the Customer Experience in the Digital Age, will feature Sixt COO Danny Florence, taking patrons on a step-by-step demonstration of how the company emerged from a grassroots German startup to a U.S. industry contender. The company credits its extensive customer service techniques that managed to integrate with digital developments to enhance a consumer’s car rental experience.

Customer retention in these changing times will continue to be a concern, which is why another event, The Changing Customer and Future of Ancillary Product Sales, might be of a benefit to convention attendees. The focus will be on how new products will address the needs of more mobile customers and will be presented by Jenni Corwin of JD Power & Associates and Ken Stellon of Frontline Performance Group.

Finally, in Your Customers Are Mobile – Are You?, Brian Walsh of Sofiac, Shawn Concannon of TSD, and Jason Manelli of Rent-A-Wreck will highlight what car rental companies need to know about using mobile technology to get more customers. 

Bluebird exhibiting in booth 323 at ICRS 2020

Bluebird Auto Rental Systems has already been addressing these issues and at ICRS, will be demonstrating its RentWorks Mobile product introduced in 2019. The company will also let convention attendees know how recent joint ventures with the likes of CarCloud, CRX, GTS, RentalMatics, Worldpay and Zubie can help customers get greater access to other markets.

Better software, better support, better value. For over thirty years, Bluebird Auto Rental Services has been supporting its many, many happy customers around the world. Our flagship product, RentWorks, provides all the tools you need to run every aspect of your car rental business or service loaner department from the front counter to the back office.

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