International Car Rental Show Reveals 2020 Conference Agenda

International Car Rental Show Reveals 2020 Conference Agenda | vehicle rental software

Topics part of a ‘well-balanced diet’ for car rental industry

What a difference a year makes. If the optics surrounding this year’s International Car Rental Show is any indication, the mood of the car rental industry has greatly shifted. Last year, the industry’s pilgrimage to Las Vegas was heavily future-focused with traces of panic brought on by the intrusion of the ride-sharing contingent into the market. This year, there’s a less anxious vibe surrounding the conference, slated for March 22-24 at Caesars Las Vegas, given its theme on how companies should take care of themselves in this changing industry.

“The agenda for the ICRS is a well-balanced diet for success in the car rental industry,” said ICRS Conference Chair Chris Brown, who’s also executive editor of Auto Rental News.

“We’ll deliver the tools, best practices, and market intelligence to help operators make their car rental businesses more efficient and profitable right now as well as supply the big picture developments and market trends that will provide them with a roadmap to a sustainable future.”

It almost sounds like an array of medical prescriptions to maintain one’s health, an apt metaphor for corporate and individual car rental players alike. While the top five companies reported record earnings in 2019, those fleets haven’t driven themselves out of the woods just yet.

Topics cited by Brown reflect a degree of cautious optimism for the industry, with a wide range of perspectives and advice geared to enhance company performance this year. Subjects on the ICRS agenda so far include:

  • Fleet Planning for 2020 and Beyond
  • 7 Signs of a Healthy Car Rental Company
  • New Vehicle Technology: Repair Risks, Liability, and Your Bottom Line
  • Understanding Profitability for the Next Generation of Car Rental
  • Your Customers Are Mobile – Are You?
  • Innovations Theater: 7 Solutions to Implement Today
  • The Changing Customer and Future of Ancillary Product Sales
  • Driving Revenue and Margin through Better Pricing: What Works and What Doesn’t
  • Using New Tech and Simple Hacks to Improve Back-Office Systems
  • Improving the Customer Experience in the Digital Age
  • Telematics 2020: An Implementation Guide
  • Navigating the Intersection of New Technology and Privacy
  • The Future of Risk Mitigation for Daily Rental and New Mobility Models
  • How Car Rental Can Supply and Profit from “Vehicles as a Service”


Bluebird Auto Rental Systems will also have a booth at the conference, with much of its focus geared towards promoting its RentWorks Mobile app as well as a number of partnerships it garnered to work on several initiatives.

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