International Car Rental Show Show Slated For Las Vegas In March

2020 International Car Rental Show Heading to Caesars Palace _ car rental software

Car rental convention relocates to Caesar’s Palace for 2020 version

Referred to as North America’s mecca of the auto rental industry, the International Car Rental Show has announced it will once again converge in Las Vegas, this time at the Caesar’s Palace hotel from March 22-24. Topics and speakers have yet to be announced, but if the show’s past is any indication, expect whatever is addressed to be very topical.

The ICRS bills itself as an event connecting all major players in the car rental industry that showcases trends in the marketplace and offers products, services and strategies for participants to face such situations from rising fleet costs to legal and legislative matters. It also provides options on how to boost sales and motivating work forces and is a one-stop forum for networking among industry peers.

The workshops and sessions are designed to be timely, addressing the pressing issues affecting the industry. The ICRS also ensures that those who attend will get further knowledge of how to take on those issues as well as changes in the market. 

It’s also an event where viewers can see first-hand how those changes morph from conception to creation. Back in April, panelists explored the possibility of how car rental firms could use subscription models to take on the competition provided by their ride-sharing rivals. Weeks later, both Enterprise and Hertz introduced subscriptions as another revenue stream to their business models.

Other topical themes taken up during the 2019 International Car Rental Show included the effects of industry changes on investor confidence, security issues pertaining to customer service and fleet management, ideas on how to attract younger-generation customers, state laws affecting car rentals and ride-sharing companies as well as technological advances in everything from apps to auto maintenance. 

For exhibitors like Bluebird, it’s an opportunity to display their latest products, from their car rental software to their additional modules, in front of patrons looking to get a leg up on the ever-changing car industry landscape. They also get to see first-hand how demonstrations of the display items could be a fit for their businesses and interact personally with the vendors to garner more insight into how such innovations could be a boon to their financial positions and competitive levels. 

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