Jaguar Gets Out In Style

Jaguar Land Rover UK

UK luxury carmaker Jaguar offers a high-end alternative to car rentals

Trust the Brits to do the whole car rental thing in style, as evidenced by the latest initiative by Jaguar. The company launched The Out earlier in April, as part of Jaguar Land Rover’s InMotion Ventures to its customer base exclusively located In London. Described as an on-demand premium car rental service, The Out presents residents of the Big Ben municipality a chance to get into a Jag Land Rover for anything from a family outing to a night on the town.

Taking a cue from various market surveys that indicate luxury car rentals are growing at a rate of 20 percent annually, outpacing their conventional counterparts, Jaguar may be onto a good thing. Targeting customers who don’t own cars and very seldom drive, Jaguar seems to be playing the bucket list card, as if to assure potential clients to try renting something classy, since they’re not behind the wheel enough as it is.

It’s all part of the plan to put Jaguar out in front of the car rental pack, making high-end vehicles available as an alternative to what other car rental and ride sharing services offer. Customers also have access to an app that not only allows them to book a Land Rover Discovery Sport HSE, they can get it delivered to their location of choice as long as it’s in central London or at City, Gatwick and Heathrow airports.

Plans are for The Out package to include transparent pricing, complete insurance, unlimited mileage, congestion charges and even child seats. Prices include first day charges of $255 followed by an additional daily charge of $131 for however long you want to rent the Rover. Weekend rates are $386. It also helps to have an Apple phone for the app, since The Out service only works on an iOS platform.

So far, Jaguar hasn’t announced any plans to extend the service beyond London, although some rentals on this side of the pond have that base covered, so to speak. In January, Enterprise Rent-A-Car signed an agreement with Jaguar to include the F-Type SVR Land Rover as part of its Exotic Car collection fleet. Avis also has Jaguar’s Evoque subcompact SUV available, while the Hertz Budget fleet inventory includes both the Discovery and Evoque as part of its Prestige Collection.

At this time, however, neither of the major U.S. based car rentals have an equivalent to Jaguar’s The Out package.

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