Software that simplifies loaner car services.

Built on our RentWorks PowerSuite platform, LoanerTrack runs on any Windows PC or Mac and offers the most complete loaner application software available.

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    LoanerTrack: Maximize your rental service revenue.

    Officially approved by the major OEMs, Bluebird’s LoanerTrack is a Turn-Key software application for managing your Courtesy Transportation Vehicles. From periodic procedures to repair orders, LoanerTrack gives its users the game-changing advantage of customized reporting.

    Key Features

    Two-way Interface

    Integrate LoanerTrack to Dealer Management Systems such as: CDK Drive • Auto/Mate • Reynolds • Dealertrack • LightYear

    Fleet Management

    Complete fleet/customer maintenance and history

    Report Rich

    Over 100 reports to give you instant data on your loaner operation, including fleet management, utilization, detailed reservation report and more.

    Management Reporting

    Breaks down vehicle utilization to maximize reimbursement money. Over 100 customizable reports available.

    Streamline dealeship operations

    seemless interfaces to reservations systems and accounting software.

    Split Charges Between Dealer and Customer

    LoanerTrack splits charges between warranty claims and customer related charges such as gas, parking tickets, late fees, etc…

    Single Screen Reservation

    Built to efficiently process information and simplify the rental process

    Complete Reservation Module

    Manage your reservations with our Res Planner, as well as open retail rental contracts.

    R&D Staff On Hand

    Our team includes programmers, analysts, and quality assurance personnel committed to the ongoing development and enhancements for our software.

    In-House or Cloud Hosted

    Option to install LoanerTrack in your system, or hosted via the web.

    Other LoanerTrack

    Anticipating and understanding our clients' computer needs.
    Positive Attitude
    Always ready to explore new possibilities, identify opportunities and maximize resources.
    Keeping Pace With Technology
    With advanced technology comes more efficient ways to operate, which Bluebird always provides.
    The Bottom Line
    Ensuring our systems promote growth and profitability for our customers.
    Supportive Staff
    A savvy and experienced staff, ready to assist customers and address new software needs.
    Quality Assurance
    A guarantee that every Bluebird System delivers in quality and support as promised.
    User Friendly Software
    Use the software to its fullest capabilities. Our most successful customers inevitably use more features of the software than others do.
    Earning & Maintaining Customer Trust
    Listening to customers and ready to meet their needs.
    Problem Solving
    Customer satisfaction includes resolving conflicts and addressing complaints in a quick and courteous manner.