LoanerTrack’s Recent Enhancements Deliver Tech Tools For Success

LoanerTrack Tech Tools For Success | Loaner Car Software

Loaner service software now includes Telematics, PaaK & E-Commerce Platform

In today’s climate for the car rental industry, the theme is all about convenience. Convenience for both businesses and consumers. With so many transportation options now available for consumers, it’s crucial for rental businesses and dealers with a loaner service department to get customers on their way as quickly as possible. However, businesses also have more to keep in mind when managing their fleet. Major players in the industry have been exploring new technology to manage vehicles more efficiently and equip their businesses with more data.

As for dealerships, while there is some concern over the decline in vehicle ownership, there are ways for dealers to explore new sources of revenue. A proper loaner service department could bring additional revenue opportunities. Existing dealers can expand their customer base, while simultaneously, letting customers get more comfortable driving their brands. The reality though, is that loaner departments now require more technology tools to keep up with the rental industry’s current trends. Bluebird’s LoanerTrack offers a reliable loaner application software system, but part of what makes Bluebird the global value leader in  car rental software is our ongoing mandate to find ways to enhance our products. That’s why we have explored many different avenues and managed to make some key enhancements to LoanerTrack. Here are three key tech tools that are now available to LoanerTrack users and how they can help boost business.

Telematics Data (GPS Tracking with Geofencing)

Telematics Data (GPS Tracking with Geofencing) in LoanerTrack | car rental management software

With more cars featuring connected car data, it only makes sense that rental companies would delve into the right software to manage all that connectivity. Telematics software allows for the communication between an electronic device and other devices over a network. Vehicles installed with telematics can relay data such as GPS location, vehicle performance and fuel efficiency.

Bluebird’s implementation of telematics data into our software now allows users to manage their fleet in real time. The geofencing capabilities are endless, as LoanerTrack users can now create geofences around garages, branches, tolls, country borders, and other points of interest.

By implementing this software, rental companies or loaner departments will now have a significant advantage in vehicle monitoring and reporting, an advantage that was previously only available to industry giants.

Phone as a Key (PaaK)

LoanerTrack's Phone as a Key (PaaK) feature | vehicle rental software

With customers now using their mobile devices to complete seemingly every task imaginable, PaaK (phone as a key) is now an emerging feature in vehicles. LoanerTrack now makes it possible to bring this revolutionary feature to your fleet. With Bluebird’s PaaK mobile app integrated into your vehicle management software, your customers can now book, pick up and return vehicles 24/7 from their phone. The app can also be customized to include your business’ branding. Bluebird’s PaaK features are:

  • Complete Backend Telematics Systems
  • Branded/Private Label Mobile App
  • Simple Plug-in Solution via the Car Access Module (CAM)

The app is available for iOS and Android and your phone as a key feature works for both passive (push-button start) and non-passive (key start) vehicles.

E-Commerce Platform

Erez vehicle promotions feature | car rental software

Your loaner service department can also now implement a powerful e-commerce platform. With an enhanced version of Erez, you can ensure your business has the best online sales and marketing platform possible. Among our e-commerce platform features are:

  • Customer Login – encourage customer loyalty with on-demand rentals.
  • Featured Vehicle Promotions – promote specific vehicles on your site and maximize revenue for each transaction.
  • Increase Revenue – Ensure your website generates its maximum potential revenue. Business analytics to guide you in investing additional revenue.

The bottom line is, our e-commerce platform will improve renter experience and increase your revenue.

Wrapping Up

While Bluebird has made many enhancements to LoanerTrack, we realize that industry trends will continue to develop and automobile professionals will continue to see their needs evolve. Stay tuned for more updates on the way to our rent a car software, designed for dealerships.

If you have any questions regarding LoanerTrack or would like more information on its new features, reach out to your Bluebird account rep, or contact us here!

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