National Unveils Car Rental Strategy at CES

National Unveils Car Rental Strategy at CES | car rental software

Company to put focus on technology with a human touch

With technology literally driving the need to gain a competitive edge among companies in the car rental industry throughout 2019, it’s ironic that one of the businesses that booked a booth at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas event wasn’t focusing entirely on any new gizmos.

Instead, National was pushing its branding and a consumer-focused approach to business, especially considering customers armed with more advanced mobile apps than ever before will be able to call the shots down the road.

“Technology continues to reshape our customers’ expectations, which is why National is laser-focused on offering innovative solutions to provide customers with a frictionless, enjoyable rental experience,” said Frank Thurman, vice president of marketing for National Car Rental in a release issued last week.

At least one member of the car rental company’s corporate brass plans to elaborate on its plans during a live Geekwire broadcast slated to stream on its Twitter feed Tuesday at 2 p.m. ET. Topics will likely include the progress of vehicle connectivity, and the role of artificial intelligence in car rental company service infrastructure, which are being showcased by more auto-oriented vendors at CES. 

Attention will likely be drawn to the technology being worked on by such manufacturers as Ford and Nissan, both of which have partnered with National which has plans to add to its fleet newer models with the latest upgrades in connectivity and other innovations.

“Auto manufacturers are leapfrogging themselves to introduce features that merge high-tech with a human touch, including voice command, self-driving assistance and AI learning,” said Geekwire host Andru Edwards. “As CES becomes the go-to destination for auto manufacturers launching new vehicle technologies, National Car Rental will be there live to keep its customers in the know about the future of transportation and travel.”

The CES runs until Friday, January 10.

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