Pricing Details
March 2014

1. The initial "Getting Started" non-refundable fee of $995.00 includes:

  • Single user access to secure network and services
  • Provisioning of database server and application/web server
  • Operating system licensing
  • Installation of dedicated Progress Enterprise database
  • Installation & configuration of Progress AppServer
  • Reference Guide and Counter Operations documentation
  • An existing, supported rental agreement print program. (Modifications to the print program can be made by the user with Bluebird's PPGEN form editing tool. If Bluebird programming resources are required for customization, there is a charge of $125.00 per hour.)
  • Additional users can be provisioned for $495.00 each
2. The RentWorks software as a service cost of $0.75 per opened rental agreement includes:
  • Access to your data and RentWorks, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • System administration by Bluebird technicians, including nightly backups with 28 day retention
  • Hot-line help desk support, M-F, 8am to 8pm, Eastern Time, USA
  • New Releases and Services Packs as they become available
  • Monthly quantity discounts are available. Alternatively, you can pay a flat monthly fee, based on the number of contracts opened in a year divided by twelve
  • There is a minimum monthly fee of $115.00 for a single user system (which includes the hosting fee)
3. Bluebird's RentWorks Version 4 is hosted on Microsoft Windows based servers located in a professionally managed, secure, data center, providing:
  • PCI-DSS compliance
  • 99.9999% uptime guarantee
  • 24 x 7 network support
  • Physical security on premises
  • Dual-level firewall data security
  • Bandwidth redundancy
  • Real time performance monitoring
  • Backup power generator
  • Fire protection
The data center managed hosting fees with PCI-DSS security are as follows:
Initial Setup Fee: $25.00 per user
Monthly hosting fees: $40 for the first user, plus $20/user for each additional user 4. If you do not have your own Mail Server (such as Microsoft Exchange), and you do not want emails to your customers originating from "", Bluebird can set up an email account and MX record for Domain Name Services (DNS) for a fee of $25 per month.

5. There is a minimum one-year contract.

6. If there is no activity in a customer's database for 90 days, the database will be removed. To re-install a database, there will be a fee of $500.

7. Non-Emergency Hot-Line support on evenings, weekends, and holidays, is available at the rate of $125.00 per hour, one-hour minimum.

8. Fees are debited to your MasterCard or Visa on a monthly basis.

9. Recommended requirements:
  • A PC with:
    • Windows XP Pro or better,
    • The P4 Processor or higher,
    • 2GB RAM or more
  • A printer connected to the client PC or network. If using dot matrix for printing contracts, use the Okidata 320 Turbo. All reports require a laser printer.
  • High-Speed Internet access
10. Training options are:
  • A three (3) day class for $500.00 per person. These are held on a monthly basis in our Dover, New Jersey headquarters office. You are entitled to two free classes with your initial order. Expenses of attendees not included
  • Onsite for $650.00 per day plus the expenses (for transportation, lodging, and per diem) of the instructor
  • Phone training at $75.00 per hour. You are entitled to four hours of phone training with your initial order
Modules such as: Credit Card Processing, Reservation Links, Contract/Marketing Link, Claims Manager, TimeClock, and BARSMail2, and any Report Writer are available for additional up front and monthly fees. Credit Card Processing also requires credit card readers for each PC.

11. Interfaces with third party accounting packages (such as QuickBooks and PeachTree) are accomplished by having RentWorks save the import files to a local shared network drive.

12. Vehicle images (from Fleet Maintenance, Contract Processing, or Claims Manager) can be stored on a local shared network drive.

13. You will have the option to "purchase" the RentWorks software to obtain a perpetual license at the prices in effect at the time you sign a NetRent agreement, less the "Option Credit". The Option Credit is defined as 33% of the portion of total NetRent transaction payments made to Bluebird for the RentWorks software. The Option Credit shall not exceed 60% for the RentWorks Software license.

14. At any time, you may request that your database be sent to you via FTP.

15. All prices are quoted in U.S. Dollars and do not include applicable taxes, fees, or shipping charges.